Saturday, 31 October 2009

FTW Round Table - What is your MUST HAVE unit in your army?

It's been a while since I've taken part in a FTW collaborative post, but I thought I'd jump in with my thoughts on this one while I catch up on my corresspondants and tuck into a quick bite to eat.

The current Imperial Guard codex offered up lot's of nie new tasty treats for army commanders, we've got nasty tricks with our Pysker Battle Squads, excellent mobility and devtasting firepower combined in the form of Valkyrie's and Vendetta's, Storm Troopers with their much hyped AP3 Helguns and much more besides. My favourite, must have unit remains the same as it has for as long as I can remember though - yep, it's still those pesky Roughriders.

Despite early rumours to the contray which suggested that they'd gain a Lance in addition to their Laspistol & Close Combat Weapon, these turned out to be false, a basic five man squad with Veteran Sergeant (now just Sergeant) and Lances remains the same cost, though additional models can be added at stonking 1pt less then before... (yes a little sarcasm) and Special Weapons are now always an option for the squad if you so wish - though I still dont see why you would!

We did get the option of a Special Character of course, Mogul Kamir, and he is potentially useful, Furious Charge is handy though it balances off somewhat againt Rage which can make his unit a little unwielding against a smart opponent while Fearless is as always a double edged sword. But I'll leave him aside, I don't use him.

The simple fact is for a Guard army which is'nt ultra mobile a little Counter Assault can go a long way, that little cheap assault unit has a big range charge range with fleet and a nasty punch which means few units can truly disregard it as a low level threat because getting jumped by them hurts. It leaves your Command Squads free to issues orders and fire their own weapons without being needed for counter-assault and leaves you not needing expensive Ogryns (though that said they are of course a bit more viable then previously) and as ever they remain cheap making them disposable.


Wolfy said...

The MUST HAVE unit for me is stilla good ol' demolisher. That said, i have taken to spamming with Storm Troopers now they have become infinately more awesome.

ChicoDaSatanic said...

My must have unit or units are my Veterans loaded with 3 Meltas and Chimera Transport (Tend to run with at least 2 units equiped in this way and 1 with Plasmas)

Col.Gravis said...

Both of which (Demolisher & Veterans) it has to be said are also quality units which nearly always find a place in my army - not quite so sure about Storm Troopers, but then I've only taken them out a couple of times and those occasions have been in Apocolypse.

Drathmere said...

I played my first game with guard in years and used my rough riders as a meat shield in front of my tanks. They formed a single file line and just blocked line of sight. Had the dark eldar gotten closer they would have provided a speed bump to allow my artillery time to target. I agree with Col Gravis, these guys rock!