Thursday, 29 May 2014

Orks - The subtle look

Hello all, just wanted to share some of my orky constructions. I love the convertibility  of the orks, and over the years I've seen some pretty outlandish ones. Below is a collection of the more subtle ones from my collection.

I love the Zagstruk model, and will eventually want to have a full unit of stormboyz. I'm really pleased with this subtle conversion. A simple repose and the additional of the smoke really makes him stand out, especially as he's essentially floating above his base. I'll be doing a tutorial on the smoke effect in a future post.

Grot Flyer (deffkopta)
This guy is built entirely from ork dakkjet bits. I really love the expression on the grots face, he's in a full blown dive bomb!
Ork Big Mek
I've used this guy as various proxies, from an ork biker warboss, to a big mek with kustom force field. He was built almost entirely from the Colonels extensive guard bitz box.

Hope you like these, I'll be sharing some more soon, in the mean time would love to see some of yours orky creations! If GW don't grant my wishes and bring out a plastic boar boyz kit, then I'll be sharing my Ork boar boyz converions in future posts.

Happy converting!


Monday, 26 May 2014

Farewell old friend - Ork Codex

Happy Bank holiday all! Just a short guest post here by the third member of the Kirton Games trio, where I just wanted to say a short goodbye to the out-going ork codex now the new book is pretty much confirmed and share a couple of my favourite ork builds.

Although I've been playing 40K since the mid 90's, I only started playing orks about 5 years ago; I picked up the book during the 5th edition meta crazyness, where everyone playing orks competativly was using either Gazghull and the 4 battlewagons, or Nob bikers. I really wanted to see what else you could do with the book.

The Wrath of Kan
This was probably my favourite build, a true stompy mek-list. I enjoyed a lot of success with this list, and it always looked impressive on the battlefield. Although it was slow, when it did manage to get across the battlefield it normally hit like a tidal wave. When 6th edition came along the list became a lot harder to use, although the lack of fearless saves made the boy units effective tar pits, the 2hp on the killa kanz made them quite easy to drop, especially given the kustom force field was dropped to a 5+ cover save. 

Big Mek: kustom force field, eavy armour 90 
Big Mek: kustom force field, eavy armour 90 
8 Lootas    
25 Ork Boyz, Nob, Power Klaw, Boss Pole, eavy armour 195 
25 Ork Boyz, Nob, Power Klaw, Boss Pole, eavy armour 195 
25 Ork Boyz, Nob, Power Klaw, Boss Pole, eavy armour 195  
10 Gretchin: Runtherd. 40 
Big Mek's Deff Dread 85 
Big Mek's Deff Dread 85 
3 Killa Kans: 3 x skorcha. 120 
3 Killa Kans: 3 x grotzooka. 125   
3 Killa Kans: 3 x rokkit launcha. 150
Total 1500pts

My second favourite build was the all ork biker army led by Wazdakka. This is a very fast, very shooty list and one I'm still using now. All toughness 5, and every gun strength 5 or higher as well as being twin-linked; this was is an awesome list. It's only real weakness is the low leadership on the Nobz, and it was always a shame watching a 300+ point bike unit run away in the first turn if it lost 4 models. 

Wazdakka 180pt 
12 Ork Warbikers: nob, boss pole, power klaw 340pt 
12 Ork Warbikers: nob, boss pole, power klaw 340pt 
8 Ork Warbikers: nob, boss pole, power klaw 240pt 
5 Deffkoptas, 3 x rokkits, 2 x twin linke big shoots, 2 x buzz saws
Total -1500pts
In summary despite the fact the ork book is pretty old now it certainly managed to hold its own in the modern era of powerful codices, but above all I still love the amount of fun and themed list you could make from this book, and I genuinely believe there was not a bad unit in this codex.

Anyway roll on the new codex, and hopefully some lovely new ork plastic kits - my hope is for some plastic megz knobz! So what where your favourite lists from the old books, and what are you hoping for the new one?

Lomo (James)

Friday, 16 May 2014

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Saturday, 10 May 2014


It’s Curious Constructs second birthday this month, we've surpassed 500 likes, and on top of that the Field Artillery Kits are finally in production! I don’t know about you, but I think that’s a good enough reason to celebrate in the best possible way, a giveaway!

One lucky (and randomly selected) person who likes the Curious Constructs Facebook page is going to get a complete Field Artillery Battery Kit absolutely free! On top of that, for every extra 50 Likes the Curious Constructs page gets between now and the draw over 500 I’ll add something else to the prize pot! That means 3 Rocket Launcher kits and a spare Gun Carriage have already been added to the draw, with only 20 or so likes to go until another Gun Carriage is added!

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Easy huh?

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Alternative 28mm Heavy Weapons

At last the Artillery kits funded through last years Kickstarter which achieved over 1200% of its required funding are back in stock. They've been remastered with a few minor changes to improve on the design, and with a big increase in casting quality with the excellent Zinge Industries now handling all production!

In stock at the moment are the single Field Artillery kits, which include a single Gun Carriage with a choice of four different weapons which can easily be swapped as the situation demands!

There is also a discounted Battery Kit, which includes three complete Field Artillery Kits.

And by popular demand the Gun Carriages are also available separately and in a discounted Battery Kit with three complete Gun Carriages. 

Single Weapon kits will be returning soon as well, while the popular Multiple Rocket Launcher will be getting the remastering treatment soon!