Sunday, 23 February 2014

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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Warhammer 40,000 Throne of Skulls January 2014 - Friday Night

Friday Night Warm Up

We headed up to Warhammer World for a little Friday gaming before the main event, and I ended up playing my two usual opponents, Tim with his Dark Eldar and James with his Orks.

Tim's Dark Eldar are based around several Venoms with small squads of Kabalite Warriors, a Raider with the Duke and his Bodyguard, and a Razorwing. In all honesty I can't remember what mission we played, but it was Hammer & Anvil. To be brief it was fairly one sided as Dark Eldar versus Imperial Guard games often are, with the result favouring the Guard, the Venoms came tumbling down to massed firepower, though the Guard did get a bloody nose in the process! Tim does need to stop clustering his Venoms so tightly though - my Manticore does so love them!

James brought a Stompa along for this event, out of a sense of fun and because he could rather then out of any belief that they were particularly nasty, though its still a very scary thing to go up against! Alongside the Stompa came a Dred, Kanz, some Boyz with a Big Mek with a Custom Force Field and some Grots! We played the Relic, with Vanguard Strike. I deployed my army solidly behind the Aegis line, sheltering from the Stompas guns, which paid off massively, the combination of going to ground followed by getting back in the fight allowing me to maximise my firepower while take relatively few casualties.

(Why or why do people ignore the Command HQ? Shoot it, kill it, and the Aegis line is a whole lot less useful for the Imperial Guard commander!)

Focusing all firepower I had, to the exclusion of everything else was able to bring it down despite the custom force field (which incidentally did'nt actually do alot in this game!),  though the resultant bang did take out most of a Veteran Squad with their Meltaguns. I then lost a few units, including my commander to the remaining Orks, however, with the Stompa gone the VPs gained gave me the win.