Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Dress Torso Comparison... and the Leviathan's back

Hope everyone has been enjoying your festive celebrations, my own Christmas has been rather packed, but I'm now settling into being even more busy...hmmm

Anyway, just a couple of quick pictures while I'm waiting for the glue to dry.

First up Oink requested a comparison shot of the new 28mm Dress Torso I've got for sale compared to a standard Cadian torso, so it is, these torsos are for sale now on this blog, HERE.

Next up, well looky what I'm back working on! It's been sitting under the bed for well over a year now, I did pull it out briefly and promptly ripped off the sponsons and lower hull sections. The reason for this drastic action was that the greenstuff work was shoddy and uneven and the plastic sections - a mixture of plasticard and things from the bits box just did'nt look right. I've now started to rebuild this lower portion with better constructed sponsons and solid plates of plasticard, with the aid of liquid greenstuff - which I'm suitably impressed with - I'm also ensuring all the joins are smooth and well blended not rough like they were before - hence all the green patches. I'll add further detailing later on, for now I'm concentrating on fixing earlier less satisfactory work and rearming it - as I write this the rear sponson on this flank is just about dry, so now its back to work. The Leviathan will live again!

Friday, 23 December 2011

Now on Sale - 28mm Dress Uniform Torso's in Packs of Ten

Right, I've been sitting on these for quite a while now, so I figure its long overdue that I made them available!

These dress uniform torsos feature a winged skull on the breast, and are a modified version of the Roughrider torso. They are intended for use with plastic heroically scaled 28mm infantry, or with my own Roughrider kits. Each pack consists of ten torsos and is priced at £5.00, excluding P&P. I currently have approximately 30 packs available via Paypal Checkout, as with the Roughriders, on the Conversion Bits & Kits page HERE.

As I mentioned these have been around for a while now, and the particularly eagle eyed may recognise them from Colonel Winterbornes excellent Roughriders, an example of which you can see below.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

New (Potentially Praetorian) Releases from Victoria Miniatures, MaxiMini & Warlord Games

Seems while I've been distracted Victoria Lamb and Warlord Games have previewed and indeed released yet more goodies suitable for alternative Praetorians!

First up we have the long awaited Victorian Guard Arms and Lasguns, now available from Victoria Miniatures, now available for sale from Victoria's webstore HERE.

You can see the full range of Victoria's Infantry bits in the below pic, quite a collection! I've just ordered a small sample of several of these along with a couple of the Roughriders - looking forward to having a play around with them after Christmas, suffice to say I'll be blogging about them once they arrive.

Finally from Victoria Miniatures is a preview of one Captain Caine, not available yet, but hopefully soon!

Meanwhile, Warlord Games now have their British Zulu War Plastics on pre-order HERE. Each box comes with enough bits to make 20 Plastic Infantry and includes 4 metal command figures to boot, all at a price of £20.00, not bad eh? Of course there is a down side, these will almost certainly be true scale 28mm as opposed to GWs Heroic Scale 28mm, similarly to Wargames Factories offering, that said these looks much better sculpts and that, combined with the price make them worthy of concideration.

Finally, look what has been previewed on DakkaDakka HERE as a forthcoming release from Maxi-Mini - another company getting in on the Pith headed action!

Monday, 12 December 2011

Roughrider Painting Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Ray, aka Colonel Ackland! His Roughriders romped home to victory in the poll, securing him 10 Roughrider conversion sets for his troubles - quite fitting considering Cavember was his idea! Below are a couple of shots of the winning entry, or take a look HERE for further pictures on Ray's blog.

However, a big thank you to everyone who took part, I'm sure you'll all agree there were some really nice entries which showcased alot of the conversion possibilities open to those for whom the GW option just is'nt up to par!

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Roughrider Painting Contest Entries

Thats it, the entries are in, the contest is closed, time for a spot of voting! There is a poll to tge top left of the page, have at it, which do you think is the best squad of Roughriders? Voting closes in one week!