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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The Second Siege of Agratha - Tales from the Front (Conclusion)

3 Days Later

Gravis awoke in a cot, the medicae bay was in darkness.

Everything hurt like hell, though his leg felt oddly cold, he couldn’t quite remember why, in the darkness his mind wondered.

He remembered. Praetorian Guardsmen he did not recognise jumping from the Vendetta Gunship attached to his own regiment as it hovered precariously at the edge of the ruined Leviathans battlements.

He remembered. Being physically thrown into the small transport compartment a Corpsman desperately working at his legs, as the gunship pulled slowly skywards. Those same Guardsmen gave their lives to stop the Orks atop his ruined Leviathan from bringing the then vulnerable flyer to ruin as it slowly lifted skyward again.

He remembered. Seeing from the hatch 4th Mechanised in action from above, the remaining Guard strengths disengaging, the Orks themselves too depleted to do more than snap at the heels of the Imperial soldiers.

He remembered. The news on the vox that the banner of the 24th Cadian had fallen. That Admiral Drax himself was gone.

Gravis’ closed his eyes, and dreamt of vengeance.

So concludes the story of the Second Siege of Agratha! The final score saw the Orks win the scenario by 1 VP, based on three primary objectives and a number of secondary objectives - amongst those two Ork Warlords and two Imperial Commanders, for one of whom it would appear to be the final battle (Don't do it Admiral Drax!).

We had a fantastic time fighting the game out over the weekend, not to mention extending the narrative! Plus it was a real joy to take to the field with only painted miniatures, so a huge thanks to all concerned, Chris, Matt, Mike, James & Phil!

Don't forget to check out the blogs of Colonel Winterborn & Admiral Drax for even more pictures and write ups of the battle!

The end? Definitely not, there has to be a part two now... anyone free next summer!?!

Yes? You better get painting then!

We've got loads of loose ends to tie up, and after setting the bar we can only make it both bigger and better!

  • Warlord Gorblud & Colonel Winterborne still have unfinished business in their long running and bitter rivalry.

  • The Ork's will be determined to press their advantage and conqueror more of the world, and beyond, but the Imperium can't possibly allow the Orks to keep what they have taken, let alone take more.

  • Even in victory Gorblud will surely be outraged that Big Sod claimed the wreckage of his Skulhamma, not to mention the prize of the wrecked Leviathan, think of the monstrosity that the Ork's could build with it - if its not wrecked further by their own squabbling!

  • Meanwhile for the Imperium in defeat, blame must be attributed somewhere, rightly or wrongly, while avoiding self-incrimination. Political influence will be wielded like a weapon as the surviving commanders seek to avoid implication in the eyes of the Commissariat. Of course that assumes that those involved have the restraint to act more rashly or directly...

10 Days Later

"Sir... Sir! You can't just..."

The officer slammed the door behind him, stiffly marching forward, dressed in dress breaches and white undershirt. The new augmetic replacement leg had grafted well, but it was too soon to be walking on it and every stride made him grimace. The pain focused his mind on his thoughts from over these past few days.

The gaggle of Officers ahead parted, one amongst them stepping forward hand outstretched.

"Gravis! Up and about already! Good to see yo..."

The officer glared at Winterborne raising his voice above his fellow regimental commanders.

"Where in in the Emperor's name were you?!"

Winterborne was taken aback, dropping his hand. To address a fellow officer in front of his subordinates in such a fashion. Such a lack of respect. Unthinkable. Un-Praetorian.

"Agratha fallen. Drax missing, probably dead. Hundred's of casualties. My Leviathan wrecked, and probably being defiled by the Orks as we speak. All of it, all of it for the want of a few more guns on the line when it really mattered....!"

A sense of awkward tension hung in the air.

"Where were you and your vaunted Mechanised? Waiting for the perfect moment? Letting mine and Drax' men do the bleeding before coming to save the day and steel the glory? Was that it?"

Winterborne mastered himself, Gravis was clearly unhinged....

"Colonel... I think you should return to the Medi...."

Gravis' right fist connected with Winterborn's face with a spurt of blood and the crack of a breaking nose. The unexpected blow sent him reeling backwards against his desk, before slumping to the floor against it.

Scowling at the fallen commander of  the 4th Mechanised, Gravis turned away awkwardly marching back out of briefing room, as the door slammed shut behind him the junior Officers let out a collective breath and moved to aid their commander.

There would be hell to pay later Gravis mused as he made towards his own regiments barracks.

Official censor, definitely. Significant punishment, possible, but unlikely. 

A regimental feud, inevitable.

But right now - right now it felt good.


Tuesday, 22 September 2015

The Second Siege of Agratha - Tales from the Front (Part 5)

On the Front

The Doomsday Cannon roared once more, and Ork bodies were thrown high into the air.

Still the Orks swept forward.

Shots pattered off the mega-armoured nobs closing upon the Leviathan, both the battlements of the Leviathan, even as the Storm Troopers were annihilated by Skorchas, nothing seemed able to stop them. Private Bone placed a well-aimed shot from his meltagun, turning one giant into little more than molten slag and then they were obscured by the command vehicles own armoured prow.

There was a thud, the odd sound of a drill, more thuds, bangs, the tearing of metal.

For a moment the world stopped.

With a massive explosion what could only have been the Leviathans magazine shaking the whole vehicle, the mighty machine came apart at the seams. Only thickly armoured internal bulk heads shielded those upon the fighting platform, the Leviathan now little more than a hulk of metal.

Away on the other side of the field, Admiral Drax was fighting for his life...

While at long last the 4th Mechanised was finally arriving in force...

With an Infantry force disembarking from their Chimera transports and taking up position in the still smoking Stompa, flanking the Orks before the ruined Leviathan.

Blinking away the retina searing flash Gravis stared downwards as shadows loomed up amongst the smoke, a bestial roar becoming a deafening crescendo.


The surviving Orks sprung up over the ruined battlements onto the deck with unnatural agility, a dozen all that remained of the horizon spanning horde which had first swept towards them, but amongst their number came at least two hulking warbosses. One, a giant in mega armour was intercepted by Lord Commissar Draven.

Gravis drew his Powersword, thumbing the activation rune as he did, and met the other brutes charge headlong.

Time slowed. Gravis swung his blade, aiming to drive it deep into the Orks flank, but the blade had not had time to fully charge and did little more than score the beasts thick hide. Enraged, its side blackened and sizzling with energy burn, it swung its heavy powerfist straight at Gravis’ head. With a feat of desperate effort that saw his blade skitter away Gravis half blocked the strike and dodged beneath it – straight into the teeth of the enraged Squiq at its masters feet.

Hitting the deck with a crash, Gravis’ vision blurred. Fighting to focus he saw Draven explode as a powerklaw closed around him, his refractor field shorting in an instant, he saw the company standard turn instantly to fire as a burner roared. Closer at hand he saw the squig beast now had a human leg, bitten off the calf, which it was messily devouring.

It took a moment to realise with an odd sense of detachment it was in fact his own.

Gravis’ vision faded to darkness as a tremendous roar rising in his ears – it did not fade.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

The Second Siege of Agratha - Tales from the Front (Part 4)

At the Front

The smoke cleared.

For a moment Gravis' was dumbstruck, where once there had been nought but green bodies now, now there was a sea of green, backed up by a multitude of vehicles - and now the artillery fire had ceased entirely they were swarming forwards en mass.

It was time to be bold, to gamble, before all was lost.

The Leviathan smashed aside the ruined Stompa in order to bring its main gun to bare. Winterbournes troops were starting to arrive in greater numbers, but it was nothing like enough, and nothing like in time. Out of options and out of time Gravis committed his final reserve, massed cavalry as the Leviathan drove forwards.

The Doomsday Cannon fired again, the earth trembling at its impact as the first cavalry wave charged.

Unbeknownst to Gravis, all across the battlefield the Orks pushed forward again, Admiral Drax had lead his men forward, aiming to link up with a massed Stork Trooper detachment which had deployed ahead of the Guard lines.

Now the Storm Troopers were surrounded, while Drax himself was over extended and badly exposed.

In the Air

Lieutenant Pearson opened the throttles to his Vendetta fully and pushed the stick forward. As he dived the targeting reticule was locking in on the Ork Fighta, it had already downed the Thunderbolt running CAP over the battlefield, and moments ago had splashed the Valkyrie from Pearsons flight as it conducted a ground attack run.

At the last second the Ork pilot spotted him, but it was too late. All three Lascannons spat white hot, two of them striking true.

“YES! Splash on… oh hell!”

The Fighta sped on, turning towards the Vendetta.

Pearson started to evade, pulling up rapidly. A volley of fire spat upwards from the ground and the Ork flyer exploded in mid air.

Pearson relaxed – just as heavy fire started to hammer the Gunships armoured flank, he cursed pulling away as rapidly as the ailing flyer would let him.

At the Front

Gravis looked on helplessly as the cream of the Praetorian cavalry were cut to pieces, despite the massive casualties inflicted upon the green tide, the brave horsemen who had lead the charge had ultimately not stood a chance against the enraged greenskins.

Nothing now stood between the Orks and Gravis' Leviathan, either they would break against its armoured hide, or...


Friday, 21 August 2015

The Second Siege of Agratha - Tales from the Front (Part 3)

On the Front

The Artillery Fire was becoming sporadic. Even with the powerful comms arrays of the Leviathan, there was no response from the Artillery positions.

Gravis cursed, something was very wrong.

Still no word from Winterbourne either, though his troops were at last appearing on the right flank, though a single Leman Russ and a few support weapons joined his own depleted lines. A pair of Cadian Hellhounds had even managed to out flank the Orks some way in the distance purging the xenos with cleansing fire.

Small firefights kept flaring up along his section of the front now as isolated groups of Orks occasionally pushed forwards, nothing his forces couldn't handle, especially now the Krieg had secured his flank.

Despite it all, the battle was tilting in the imperials favour.

Then there was a bright explosion in the distance, followed by a second.

Gravis fancied it came from where the Hellhounds had been, but the wind had changed and smoke clouded his view. What was going on out there?

Behind the Lines

Caine died messily, crippled by a Slugga round to the shoulder before he was bisected by a massive axe. His squad fell around him.

The Praetorians sections fell back, losing ground rapidly, leaving the Dauntless spitting fire in all directions, and a handful of Penal Troops desperately fighting in combat behind.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the compound squad after squad of Death Korps fed themselves into the grinder, selflessly trying to buy time for the Artillery.

The Dauntless was soon beset on all sides by a group of hulking Ork Nobz, their Warlord meanwhile tried to swat the pesky Penal Legionnaire who kept dodging just out of the reach of his powerklaw.

Had he been looking elsewhere he might have seen his bodyguard ripping their way into the tank.

He might banged some heads and stopped them from trying to do so through the Demolisher Cannons ammunition store.

He might have avoided the titanic explosion that followed and the large piece of armour plate which took his own head clean off, leaving the stunned Penal Trooper to slink away...

Despite this minor setback to the Orks within just a few minutes more the Imperial Artillery was silenced for good.

In the Air

Pearson cursed as he brought his gunship out of its turn, the Fighta was right on the tale of his squadron mates Valkryie.

"Ace of Spades, Break, Break, Break!"

There was a hail of tracer fire, a dull krump and the Imperial aircrafts engines stalled, leaking thick black smoke. 

It fell like a stone.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

The Second Siege of Agratha - Tales from the Front (Part 2)

The Front

With every passing second the two lines drew closer, Artillery shells fell, much of it to the right flank in Support of Admiral Drax’ infantry.
The Deathkorps pushed forward from the bridge engaging the Orks there with Flamer, Lasgun and Bayonet - the fanatical and seemingly fearless Guardsmen drove the Orks backwards one step at a time.
Now the Leviathan spoke, and the ground itself heaved.
It was quickly joined by a fusillade of redcoated infantry and grey armoured tanks alike, green bodies and scraps of metal rained down but it could never be enough, storming through the smoke the lead Stompa emerged crashing into Gravis’ armoured squadrons headlong.

One venerable Leman Russ known as Old Warhorse, previously of the 57th Praetorian was torn into so much scrap metal in an instant, a second was flung rolling to one side, coming to rest on its tracks its crew shaken but somehow alive.

Like a giant ignorant of the destruction in wrought with each step its guns blazed destroying and cripping a complete squadron of Chimera transports as Ork boyz swarmed forwards through the wreckage of there dreadnoughts, though continued artillery fire from the rear kept these in check.
Gravis bellowed across the vox net,
"Co-ordinate all fire, bring it down!"
Lascannon barrels glowed hot, a Vendetta Gunship commenced a pop up attack, veteran infantry unit scrambled forwards meltaguns leaving rivers of molten metal running from the beasts carapace. Just as it seemed nothing could stop the beast from crashing into the Leviathans prow the battery of Rapiers which had been slowly grinding forwards on their track units commenced firing. The first merely scorched its paintwork, the second breached its armour. The third hit the same spot moments later.
It slowed to a crawl, smoke pouring from every vent and window before exploding spectacularly, taking a Russ and dozens of Guardsmen and Orks alike.
Across the battlefield, the first elements of the 4th Mechanised began to arrive, yet still to Gravis' annoyance no word had come from Winterbourne himself. Men were dieing in droves needlessly as the Orks pushed ever closer but for the want of a few more guns.
Drax similarly focused his fire upon the opposing Stompa, its fate was sealed when a group of Veteran Cadians rappelled from the back of a Valkyrie attached to Gravis' own force, their melta fire touching off something critical in the Ork war construct before it could get any closer.

Behind the Lines

The Artillery spoke again another salvo shrieking across the horizon, the lethal Deathstrike Missile rocketing skywards amongst it.
But now Caine realised he had been right to be cautious of those clouds of dust, shapes were resolving themselves into orkish warmachines...
How they had out flanked the Imperial lines so completely he had no idea, but now the meagre defence force protecting the Artillery had a major fight on its hands as the first slots slammed into the Imperial positions, both Manticores disappearing in blinding explosions.
The Krieg were surging forwards, seemingly feeling offense was the best defence.
Meanwhile Caine put his trust in the silent grey landship Dauntless, a Malcador Heavy Tank. Having been deemed to slow to keep up with the main body of the Praetorian 4th as they rushed to support Admiral Drax, it had been left behind.

In the Clouds

Lieutenant Pearson had his hands full, weaving his Vendetta amongst the falling debris of the exploding Stompa as he came around for another pass of the battlefield. Proximity klaxons suddenly blazed into life as the Thunderbolt flashed across far too close for comfort, its autocannons blazing as it strafed the advancing Orks turning green bodies to pulp.
There was a brief flash, and wail of terror on the vox, abruptly cut to silence, as it suddenly blossomed into fire and ploughed into the ground, an Ork Fighta screaming across at high level. It weaved through the wall of flak put up by the Hydras on the ground, seemingly untroubled by the fire.
Already turning
Already hunting for its next kill.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

The Second Siege of Agratha - Tales from the Front (Part 1)

The Front

From his vantage point atop the Leviathan's fighting platform Gravis’ had a commanding view of the battlefield below. The command vehicle was amply equipped with auspex arrays and cogitators, enough that a planetary assault could be commanded by just a small command staff from within the safety of the Leviathans thick armour and void shields. However, Gravis’ view was that true battlefield perspective could only be granted by seeing it unfold with one’s own eyes, not to mention the importance that the men should see their leader in the midst of battle.

Privately he also conceded he enjoyed riding such a behemoth into battle the prestige it brought with it.

Ahead of the Leviathan, Gravis’ heavy armour rumbled forward, while to his left the Infantry was already taking up positions around their support weapons and a battery of Rapiers, more mechanised troops were drawing up under the bridge.

A heavy explosion in the distance drew his attention, closer at hand he noticed a detachment of skull masked Death Korps advancing. Gravis’ gaze hung on these unexpected allies for a moment, the building they occupied was already swarming with Orks but he had no doubt the Korpsmen would hold them back – no matter the cost.

Beyond them stood the 24th Cadian, massed infantry but with relatively few support weapons - their armour pushing forward to the far flank though, the Orks already moving to engage them rapidly.


 “Signals! Send my compliments to Admiral Drax’ and try to raise Colonel Winterbourne...”

Ahead, the Orks were massing.

“…the sooner the better.”
At their head came the massive Stompas, clanking and clunking forward with frightful rapidity.

Gravis' referred to his dataslate marking a dozen locations and passed it to the Artilleries liason officer.

"Carter, have the artillery target these co-ordinates, fire when ready."

 Behind the Lines

The artillery spoke as one, missiles streaking skywards as the massed Thudd Gun batteries let rip, all firing at targets well beyond Caine’s own line of sight. In the distance the sky lit up with at least one massive explosion as something big brewed up.

Already new fire orders were coming in from the front lines, but something else drew his attention, to their left a cloud of dust was blowing up.

It had to be Colonel Winterbournes Mechanised Regiment.

It had to be.

But why then were they heading this way, and not to the front?

Caine drew up his Platoon to the barricades as a precaution, and noted the Kriegsmen doing similarly on the other side of the compound...

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Admiral Drax: 516 - The Second Seige of Agratha - Part 1: Situat...

Just in case you missed it (and because there are no excuses) here, posted on the good Admiral Drax's blog is the first bit of background, setting the scene to this summers main event, the clock is ticking down, watch this space, that space, and of course this space right here for more!

Admiral Drax: 516 - The Second Seige of Agratha - Part 1: Situat...: Next month will see the last hurrah of the Cadian 24th, and they're not going out quietly. Thus, it begins...

Sunday, 26 July 2015

++++ Transmission Intercept ++++

++++ Transmission Intercept ++++
++++ Signal Acquired ++++
++++ Static ++++
++++ Static ++++

"Agratha? I thought Drax's mob had the place secured?" (Voice identified as Colonel Gravis, CO 4th Praetorian Foot)

"So High Command thought sir, but the latest intel directly from Agratha Command has revised the situation significantly." (Voice identified as Strategos Gellar, Munitorum Tactica Cadre)

+Sounds of Paper rustling+

"How old is this update. Are there more?"


+Sound of large pile of paper dropping to the desk+

"Sir, every update revises the Orkoid strength upwards, they already considerably outnumber local forces at Agratha... even with your full strength diverted..."

"I can count man. Even with our full strength we'd be badly outnumbered."

"Tactica calculates a minimal chance of victory. The odds are overwhelming they're calling it Admiral Drax's Last Stand."

"Oh poppycock Gellar. Your forgetting one very important thing, we're now putting two of Praetoria's finest regiments in to a last stand situation, I almost pity those greenskin bars..."

++++ Static ++++

"...ey'll never know what hit them!"

"Sir? Two regiments?"

"Oh use your noggin Gellar! Now, get me the Lord Commissar - I need him to have a word with the cog boys, get him to encourage them to get the old girl painted up with no excuses. We're going to need all the firepower we can lay our hands on."

++++ Static ++++
++++ Static ++++
++++ Signal Lost ++++

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Saturday, 6 June 2015

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Saturday, 25 April 2015

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Sunday, 5 April 2015

Artillery Support

So a big game got me painting tanks, this time it's getting me working in Artillery.

This Wednesday my Guardsmen will be lining the walls as part of the defence of the outer most walls of the Imperial Palace as the Rygas Roughnecks Heresy campaign nears its climax. With no vehicles on the defenders side it calls for Artillery - and luckily I've got plenty of that thanks to the past two Kickstarters!

So presenting, 6 Rapier Laser Destroyers and 4 Sabre Defence Platforms! Next up Im thinking 4 Quad Guns to round off my support weapons, before a quick paint job! Better crack on!

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Armoured Support Ready

First objective achieved, 5 vehicles painted to a 'useable' standard - yes I know the Chimera dont have their hull mounts on here, forgot the blue-tack(!).

They saw action on Wednesday for the first time in the Horus Heresy pitted against Word Bearers Space Marines and their demonic allies, it was a tough match up in an ongoing campaign with the Word Bearers trying to set off a munitions stockpile on Terra. I was outnumbered by about 1/3rd in points terms - before even more demons started appearing, but could'nt quite hold the line long enough, aided in part by the (in)accuracy of one of my own Wyverns it has to be said(!).

The next game in the campaign see's the Loyalists holding the outer Walls of the Palace against a World Eaters lead assault. That means I need my Scions ready, and some suitable heavy support choices - suffice to say I'll be cherry picking some of the latest Curious Constructs & Zinge Industries Kickstarter pieces to stand in as Rapiers and Sabre Platforms amongst others.. but first...

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Back in the painting seat!

That right, I'm actually painting some Guard!

I'm starting on my concerted effort to get a bit of paint on everything, the theory being its better to have an army with 3 or 4 colours, and so useable, rather then moutains of bare metal, resin and plastic. Certainly this falls outside my normal efforts of consistency, which I'm admittedly quite anal over normally - see Col.Winterbournes recent excellent editorial on this particular subject (

However, the reality is that with other time commitments, life, hobby, business - oh your going to like the heads I'm working on at the moment as part of a new Praetorian Ogryn commission - I am never going to get on top of the mountain of Guardsmen. To the point I'm sort of considering selling off anything I cant at least get to a useable state by the end of the year.

Better get my skates on then.

First up in the painting pile, tanks.

I've a veritable armoured company either assembled, or still in its box, so here is the first installment, three Chimera and a pair of Wyvern/Hydra's - these are at the top because I'd actually quite like to use them in a game this week(!). Having assembled all, they've had a primer coat of Army Painter Uniform Grey - fairly close to Codex Grey/Dawnstone which is my usual tank scheme. I'm picking out the metal bits at the moment, which will all get a wash, plus will pick out other select details like screen and lenses in a single base colour. Then done, and on to the next units - I'll need another can of spray, but I think it may have to be my Leman Russ, with only two finished, I've a further 8 or 9 which are partly assembled, or still in box - though they'll need a bit more work to add sponsons etc, and those darn old style tracks!

Still best not run before I can walk, need to get on with these chaps!

P.S 700,000 hits on my humble little blog. Blimey.