Monday, 19 November 2012

Throne of Skulls November 2012 Imperial Guard List

This is the list I took up to Nottingham for the Throne of Skulls in November. I've found it fun to play with, though it can be challenging to use against some opponents, while others just whither in the face of so much firepower. It benefits from upto 10 scoring troop units, which has proven tricky to deal with for opponents, but it is still a little slow, and does lack serious AA capability, and I have found myself missing Battlecannons and Demolisher Cannons which have always been stalwart in my lists previousy.


Company Command Squad inc. Company Standard, Autocannon @75pts


Pysker Battle Squad inc. Overseer, 5 Pyskers @70pts

Guardsman Marbo @65pts


Platoon Command Squad inc. Autocannon@40pts
Infantry Squad inc. Lascannon, Plasma Gun @85pts
Infantry Squad inc. Lascannon, Plasma Gun @85pts
Infantry Squad inc. Lascannon, Plasma Gun @85pts
Infantry Squad inc. Grenade Launcher @55pts
Infantry Squad inc. Grenade Launcher @55pts
Heavy Weapons Squad inc. 3 Lascannon @105pts
Heavy Weapons Squad inc. 3 Heavy Bolters @75pts
Heavy Weapons Squad inc. 3 Heavy Bolters @75pts

Veteran Squad inc. 2 Meltaguns, Plasma Gun, @105pts
Chimera inc. Multilaser, Heavy Flamer @55pts


Vendetta inc. 3 Twin-linked Lascannon@130pts


Leman Russ Eradicator inc. Hull and Sponson Heavy Bolters @180pts

Manticore @160pts


Sunday, 18 November 2012

Imperial Navy Vendetta - Now with 100% more working picture!

Well back from Throne of Skulls, I'll hopefully get some reports about that up soon, but I'm busy decorating again now though for my sins so it'll be a bit before I get back into the swing of things. For the meantime though, the finished Vendetta (and it did'nt suffer from new model syndrome either)!

Friday, 9 November 2012

Nottingham here I come again...

Wow, just finished painting the Vendetta, how's about that then! No time for pictures as I'm setting off shortly for Throne of Skulls this weekend, the reason for the haste in getting it finished. My army is'nt the most competitive I dont suppose, but its got a little bit of everything - but only one Leman Russ, and thats an Eradicator. I've basicly always taken either, or both a vanilla Russ or a Demolisher in every 1500pt list I've put together ging back quite a few years, but the Eradicator has really grown on me as of late, and the Conqueror turret is a spot on counts as for it. Not got much in the way of AA though, and no Fortifications, heres hoping I dont come up against one of those thrice damned Necron Airforces. Anyway, enough rambling, I'll see about a few pics and battle reports when I get back (though I've promissed to finish decorating the spare room when I do...damn).