Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Warhammer 40,000 Throne of Skulls January 2014 - 1500pts Imperial Guard

Well I'm back from the Throne of Skulls again, and I'm a very happy man!

I'll pop up some more about it soon, but first here is the army list I took this time around.

Company Command Squad inc. Autocannon, Standard Bearer @ 75pts

Guardsman Marbo @65pts

Platoon Command Squad inc. Autocannon @40pts
Infantry Squad inc. Lascannon, Plasma Gun @85pts
Infantry Squad inc. Lascannon, Plasma Gun @85pts
Infantry Squad inc. Lascannon, Plasma Gun @85pts
Infantry Squad inc. Grenade Launcher @55pts
Heavy Weapons Squad inc. 3 Lascannon @105pts

Veteran Squad inc. 3 Meltaguns @100pts
Chimera @55pts

Veteran Squad inc. 3 Meltaguns @100pts

Valkyrie inc. Rocket Pods @130pts

Vendetta inc 3 Twin-linked Lascannon @130pts

Manticore @160pts

Leman Russ Demolisher inc. 3 Heavy Bolters @180pts

Aegis Defence Line @50pts


Normally I don't go quite as well tooled up for dealing with armour, those Melta Vets in particular - but the rules for Throne of Skull changed several times at the last minute, with all the rules from the Escalation and Stronghold Assault supplements, as well as Forgeworld fully legal for the event! All bets were off!

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Discounted Games Workshop in the UK - Kirton Games

Happy New Year! 

I hope you had a fantastic Christmas and that 2014 has got off to a brilliant start for you! Mine has been brilliant, but hectic, not least because of Kirton Games, a venture I've gone into with my two closest friends.

Kirton Games is as I've mentioned on a previous post the small gaming store we've opened up in Crediton, Devon, where I grew up. I can't really explain why we did it, other then to say because we could, and lets be honest, how many hobbiest's amongst us hav'nt at least thought 'that would be cool' at some point?! Its been a very interesting experience so far, and we're really hoping to build on some early success we've had. To do that we've got the webstore up and running properly now, almost all the GW product we have access to is now available on the webstore, which is fully functional, albeit still a little light on pictures (though we're working on that slowly!).

We've now been able to extend at least a 10% discount on all purchases, though regretably we are still only shipping within the UK - so I do apologise to those of you reading who are not in the UK! 

Now of course we all know that 10% is'nt the best headline discount out there on the web, however we do have a kicker!


Once you start doing a few sums, that actually makes Kirton Games competitive (even if I do say so myself!), especially on smaller orders. We're looking at what else we can do to make us an even better option, aside from personalised service from a team with over 45 years experience in the hobby, with custom army deals a likely future prospect.

We only currently carry a small stock - out of pure space conciderations - our shope is rather small! However, if we don't have it in stock, which is live on the webstore we will order it immeadiately upon taking an order, it will then normally be with us within 7 days, suppliers depending, though we suggest allowing upto 14 days just in case! You can also rest assured that if for any reason we are not able to meet that deadline we'll get in touch immeadiately.

So go on, next time you want to pick up something new, why not check us out, it'll only take 5 minutes, and maybe give Kirton Games a go?!