Saturday, 30 January 2010

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

EVENT - The Exeter Inquisition Presents a 40k Campaign - "The Emperor's Light"

“There she is gentlemen, I give you the Emperors Light!

Lost since the great crusade, the importance of this great ship that you see upon your view screens cannot be underestimated. Upon this giant Agri-Ship we believe lies a fragment of a Standard Template Construct, perhaps one of the greatest of them all! Imagine a device that not only has the power to destroy the ability of a world too support life, but one which enables us too create a complete ecosystem within only a few shorts months!

We few have been assembled to take and hold this ship at all cost’s, the price of failure can not even be spoken of. We have received reports from our scouts of an enemy fleet of comparable size to our own inbound to this location it, it would seem that our foes are as stretched to strike out for this asset as are we.

Assemble your forces, prepare to launch, time is of the essence.

We must prevail!”

The Exeter Inquisition are currently half way through a 40k map based campaign that see's the forces of light and darkness pitted against each other aboard an Agri-Ship, the 'Emperor's Light', aboard it if reports are to be believed lies a fragment of a functioning STC Terraforming device.

The campaign mechanics are simple, each player has a 750pt pool which they must submit to the campaign organiser as it can not be changed, from this they may select 500pt armies, following the standard FoC chart but with the only mandatory choices being a single Troops choice. Each player then alternates between playing offensive and defensive actions - for an offensive action you nominate a hex to attack on he map, find a player on the opposite side and play a game (with slightly altered mission and deployment zones and occasional random game effects caused by proximity to the STC device), if the aggressor wins they capture that territory. You should then play a defensive action, volunteering to be an opponent for the offensive action of a player on the other side. This means that a player can just attend one session for the whole of the campaign, or every session, it really does'nt matter as long as you have a great time!

Anyone is welcome to come along to our club night's which run every Tuesday from 6pm to 10pm at Games Workshop Exeter on Sidwell Street, normal club fee's are £2.50 per session, but your first session is FREE. The campaign will be running for another 4 weeks, but we run other regular and semi-regular events as well as reglar gaming.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Nurgle Obliterators (Part 1)

As well as my Plague Marines, my fledgling Nurgle CSM army will include a pair of Obliterator's. For one thing the army itself needs some fire support as I've discovered in my early games, and for another - well some groups of the Imperial Inquisition believe that Obliterator's are created by the infection of some form of Warp based Virus - and we all know who loves a good virus...

Though of course it needs a few changes to make it more pleaseing to Grandfather Nurgles eyes!

Commission - Vostroyan Nork Deddog (Part 4)

Nork is making slow but steady progress.

The torn sleeve is finished and his hands added, I'm now in the process of adding a glove to the good arm (which will eventually hold the Ripper Gun) and on giving some trim to his boots, though I've not plan to rework these as I think the toe caps fit in nicely with the model as is - the next big sculpting job with be his headgear - I really think that'll set the model off now.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Commission - Praetorian Ogryn Squad (Part 12)

Another update on the Praetorian Ogryns.

This guys is finished bar his gun now with the boots and hands added.

The Corporal is making progress, his cuffs are just about done, so he needs an Aquilla, rank chevrons, and a little work on the collar and belt - he'll probably get a helmet as well which means a little more work yet.

The final model of this group has seen the most work, cuffs, head, aquilla and some belt details have all been added and the epualettes finished. Now the belt needs finishing as does the collar and boots - again he'll probably get a helmet also to finish him up.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Plague Marines (Part 2)

Thanks to all this snow we've suffered from in soggy snowy Devon I've made some progress on most projects that I'm working on - the Plague Marines now number four, three more bodies to get done for the moment and then I'll move onto getting their arms and backpacks done.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Plague Marines (Part 1)

Yep thats right, Plague Marines.

My test model is coming along nicely, I read around looking at the ways other people have painted their Plague Marines but settled on my own method, working from a white undercoat I've used a Scorched Brown basecoat, working to Khemri Brown, then Gretchin Green, then to Rotting Flesh followed by a Devlan Mud Wash, so far so good I think, it's mostly about the details then.

With this chap almost done I'm now making a start on the rest of the first squad.

Lots more Nurgly goodness/corruption to come!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Commission - Vostroyan Nork Deddog (Part 3)

Another update for another commission, this time on the Vostroyan Nork Deddog conversion.

The model has had several more detail bits added since the last update such as the chest aquilla and shoulder pad, I'm really pleased with how it's comming along as it's really starting to come together now. The armoured shoulder pad needs tidying, then I need to work on the other arm which will have torn cloth and a Khurki type bladed weapon - once thats complete a Ripper Gun and more or less all thats needed will be work on the head itself.

EVENT - LNO Charity Tournament

Some of you may remember a little advert I did for Wolfy for a Fund Raising 40k Tournament back in October, Wolfy, aka Ralph has recently been in touch again with further details which I'm happy to post up for those interested. FYI the tournament is due to be held on the 25th of April 2010.

Enough blather from me, over to Wolfy

Right Guys,

I have assembled a tournament pack explaining everything there is to know about the Tournament, and how you go about securing a place in it. New prize support is coming in daily, so I will update that in this thread. I am giving priority too (Leeds Night Owl) Club Members, and there are a total of 20 places in the Tournament. Your place can be secured by sending me an email, details of what to provide in the message are in the Tournament Pack.

Non-Club members will need to confirm their place with Payment, Club members do not have to, although it would be great if you could pay in advance to give me a bit of a cushion to purchase some of the prizes with. Payment is accepted via Cheque or Paypal.

The Tournament Pack is available from the link below. If you spot any errors, please let me know ASAP so they can be changed.

Or from here directly:

Thanks again for your support


Commission - Praetorian Ogryn Squad (Part 11)

Got to love working in a school, or at least a school which is closed when it snows! This is my first post from my new home, the internet is finally up and running, which means that everything is pretty much sorted here and my free time is mine once again - which means I'm back working on my hobby - and commission work.

Long promissed here is an update on the Praetorian Ogryns to start with.

The first of the second batch now just needs his boots and hands adding, the sprues still need to be unpacked for his hands and probably won't require any modification however.

The Squad 'Corporal' has a bit further to go, I'm working on finishing off the Epualettes at the moment, which will be followed by work on his tunic and belt, that will bring him to the 'almost' finished stage.

The final model in the current batch has the most work to go, the tunic is almost as far as I can take it until the head is added (also still to be unpacked), the Epualettes are well under way however.

More importantly for the moment the master 'Gatling' Ripper Gun is finished and now on it's way to get cast up, some of the final guns will have stocks, some will have them removed, the weapon is also slightly wider then I'd originally planned which will probably mean I'll have to do some further work on the otherwise finished first batch to fit the weapons appropriately.

Here's the master test fitted to the Bonehead, the stock makes it impossible to fit in place snuggly at the moment, but it does give a good idea of scale for the weapons.

Monday, 4 January 2010

Hobby Fund (1st January) and 2009 Summary

Well yeah... nothing to report in December, not entirely unexpected as it's been a bit of a month(!).

  • Starting Balance 1st December = £117.41

  • Sales in December = £0.00

  • Sales Fee's in December = £0.00

  • Purchases in December = £0.00

  • Misc Income/Outgoings = £0.00

  • Reaver Fund Repayment = £0.00

  • Balance 1st January = £117.41

  • Reaver Fund Outstanding = £325.00

The Hobby Fund, originally inspired by Lone Pilgrim's New Model Fund has been quite successful overal, it's certainly helped me keep track of my hobby spending, and made me clear out some of the bits and pieces which I simply did'nt need and were just taking up space - though as I total it up now I'm still quite astounded by how much I made over the year through selling such stuff.

The blip in the years spending was the Reaver Titan I purchased at a bargin price - but still one which blew the budget. I really need to start work on clearing that particular blip now and would like to see it completely cleared by this summer. However that said if I had not occasionally taken funds out of the Hobby Fund for other purposes, something which totalled up to over £260 over the course of the year I'd actually be comfortably in the black.

I'm really looking forward to continueing this into 2010 and would certainly recommend it to anyone and everyone in the hobby, if nothing else it's interesting to see and at best can really help you keep control of what you spend.

2009 Summary

  • Starting Balance 1st January 2009 = £37.85

  • Sales in 2009 = £1047.02

  • Sales Fee's in 2009 = -£79.90

  • Purchases in 2009 = -£623.18

  • Misc Income/Outgoings = -£264.38

  • Balance 1st January 2010 = £117.41

  • Reaver Fund Outstanding = £325.00

New Years Hobby Resolutions 2010

Very little introduction is needed, in 2009 I was moderately successful with my Hobby Resolutions achieving 3 out of 5, this year I'd like to better that and I'd adding some new tougher challenges by my standards!

1 - Finish THREE army projects: My first aim for 2010 will be to finish in full three complete Army Projects, my plan is to make this one 40k Army, my Warriors of Chaos Army for WFB and one other from my specialist games collection (probably either my Epic Imperial Guard army or AI Imperial Navy wing.

2 - No new model purchases EXCEPT those needed to finish existing armies: In 2009 I vowed to not start any new armies, that succeded, in 2010 I'm going to aim to curb my spending - trading is excempt however.

3 - Terrain: A repeat of last years failed vow, I want to get my Terrain Collection assembled and painted for use - I'd also like to try and get a Games Table sorted how I have the use of a spare room...

4 - Blog! : It's back, and this year I want to make sure I keep it up and try to better the past years performance.

5 - Painting Practice: Another repeat of the previous years resolution, once again I'd really like to practice some of the more advanced techniques that are used in our hobby, and once again I need to make sure I go into it with an open mind as I often find it quite difficult to tackle something in a way which is different to how I normally would.

Have you set yourself out some new Years Hobby Resolutions? If not, why not? Give it a go, what have you got to lose?

New Years Hobby Resolutions 2009 - A Review

Over a year ago I set myself out 5 New Years Hobby Resolutions for 2009, they were varied, and some were harder then others, as we start 2010 - before I set out my resolutions for this year I just wanted to see how I did!

To recap here are my Resolutions from 2009.

1 - No new armies. I've enough unpainted and assembled plastic, metal and resin to keep me going for quite a while, besides the never ending Praetorians, Orks and Space Marine 40k armies are all awaiting work, and I'm also about to delve into Epic Armageddon with an Imperial Guard force, the promiss is that until one or more of these three is finished I won't start another collection.

2 - Finish what I've started. I've several projects which are languishing uncomplete, the Leviathan, Praetorian Roughrider and Guard conversion kit components, Malcador, Baneblade and Warhound are all noteable examples, I'll try to finish at least a couple of these projects before succumbing to one of the other moutain of idea's which are circling around in my head.

3 - Painting Practice. I'd really like to spend some time improving on the standard of my painting, some things I'm very happy with, others need alot of work, I'd like to aim to turn out a really nice display piece for Games Day this year, just need some inspiration. And practice. And possibly an open enough mind to try harder to follow other peoples advice, I can admit that I am perhaps too stuck in trying to make things work my way before trying what others suggest.

4 - Blog! I'd really like to try an update this blog a bit more, maybe a couple of post's a week rather then the current quiet period followed by a mad rush of a half dozen posts in a short period of time.

5 - Terrain. I've always tended to play games either at the local shop or events. I'd really like to get a small collection of nice terrain together, something modelled nicely to match my armies. It's easy to overlook terrain in favour of adding that nice new unit, but some themed terrain can be really cool, it also opens up a new place to play (or at least a new place to play where your not fighting over little china houses, salt shakers and book shaped hills!).

1 - No New Armies: I successed in keeping to this one, the Praetorians continue to slowly plod on gaining success in this years UK GT Heats, while the Sisters have not yet had those finishing touches I'd planned. The Space Marines remain boxed and awaiting work while the Orks have been sold and replaced by CENSORED BY THE INQUISITION>, my Epic IG and other specialist game armies have seen very little love this past year while my Fantasy Army was swapped from Orcs to an all mounted Warriors of Chaos Army - which has been very successful.

2 - Finish what I've started: This is a difficult one to call, I've finished only one of the examples I gave, however along with having started no new armies, niether have I started any other major projects other then those I took up as commissions. I guess that qualifies though!

3 - Painting Practice: I've not really worked on this in any meaningful fashion, I've certainly stretched my abilities working on models such as the Imperial Thunderbolt Pilot, and have a number of other models set aside to further practice on improving my painting, however ultimately on a lack of progress I'd have to say this did'nt work out.
Result: FAILED

4 - Blog! : This has got to be one of the successes of the year, over the course of 2009 I almost equalled the number of posts in the previous 18 months of the blogs existance averaging 8.5 post's a month (my aim having been 8). Of the three months I did'nt actually achieve 8 post's one was half spent in America, one featured December with Christmas, New Year and a move to a New House (finally getting Internet today, touch wood!) leaving only one where there was'nt really an excuse.

5 - Terrain: Utter Failiure! Beyond trading for some Cities of Death Terrain which remains unassembled I've done nothing towards achieving this goal. What more can I say?
Result: FAILED

So overal I've managed to achieve 3/5 of my goals for 2009, okay, but room for lots of improvement still, let's see hat 2010 holds in store!

Did you try your hand at Hobby Resolutions of the Past Year? How did yours hold out?