Wednesday, 27 January 2010

EVENT - The Exeter Inquisition Presents a 40k Campaign - "The Emperor's Light"

“There she is gentlemen, I give you the Emperors Light!

Lost since the great crusade, the importance of this great ship that you see upon your view screens cannot be underestimated. Upon this giant Agri-Ship we believe lies a fragment of a Standard Template Construct, perhaps one of the greatest of them all! Imagine a device that not only has the power to destroy the ability of a world too support life, but one which enables us too create a complete ecosystem within only a few shorts months!

We few have been assembled to take and hold this ship at all cost’s, the price of failure can not even be spoken of. We have received reports from our scouts of an enemy fleet of comparable size to our own inbound to this location it, it would seem that our foes are as stretched to strike out for this asset as are we.

Assemble your forces, prepare to launch, time is of the essence.

We must prevail!”

The Exeter Inquisition are currently half way through a 40k map based campaign that see's the forces of light and darkness pitted against each other aboard an Agri-Ship, the 'Emperor's Light', aboard it if reports are to be believed lies a fragment of a functioning STC Terraforming device.

The campaign mechanics are simple, each player has a 750pt pool which they must submit to the campaign organiser as it can not be changed, from this they may select 500pt armies, following the standard FoC chart but with the only mandatory choices being a single Troops choice. Each player then alternates between playing offensive and defensive actions - for an offensive action you nominate a hex to attack on he map, find a player on the opposite side and play a game (with slightly altered mission and deployment zones and occasional random game effects caused by proximity to the STC device), if the aggressor wins they capture that territory. You should then play a defensive action, volunteering to be an opponent for the offensive action of a player on the other side. This means that a player can just attend one session for the whole of the campaign, or every session, it really does'nt matter as long as you have a great time!

Anyone is welcome to come along to our club night's which run every Tuesday from 6pm to 10pm at Games Workshop Exeter on Sidwell Street, normal club fee's are £2.50 per session, but your first session is FREE. The campaign will be running for another 4 weeks, but we run other regular and semi-regular events as well as reglar gaming.


Itkovian said...

Sounds like a lot of fun mate. Were I in the area, I'd love to give this a go. Good Luck!

Admiral Drax said...

Very tempting.

Do you do anything in holiday time, or does it all get overrun with too many kids?

Col. Corbane said...

I just love campaigns, shame you're so far away. Keep us posted mate and is there any chance of a pic of the map?

Col.Gravis said...

It's been great fun so far (even if Grandfather Nurgle has deserted me!), many have like me started new armies especially for it to boot which has made things that much more interesting.

Do pop in if your able Drax, I know your local(ish!), we don't tend to run any extra events during the holiday as the kids do rather swamp the shop during the day, but club nights go on running as usual.