Sunday, 10 January 2010

Plague Marines (Part 2)

Thanks to all this snow we've suffered from in soggy snowy Devon I've made some progress on most projects that I'm working on - the Plague Marines now number four, three more bodies to get done for the moment and then I'll move onto getting their arms and backpacks done.


Siph_Horridus said...

Good work so far, different from the usual Guard which must a good thing. Love the colour. Glad your snow is soggy, we haven't had a thaw in Scotland yet and it fell back before Christmas!

Wolfy said...

Very Nice paintjob there. A World away from the birght colours of the Guard.

Good on you sir!


oni said...

Lookin' really good.

Col.Gravis said...

Thanks guys, it is a change and a very pleasant one from my point of view, I'm really enjoying painting something so different!

Soggy and Slushy Siph, just hoping we can avoid the ice stage a little, it's already nasty enoguh on the roads, hope your thaw comes soon!

Musings of a Smurf said...

nice colour here, really blends well and they aren't too over the top with filth. really nice work