Monday, 9 May 2016

Pith Helmeted & Dragoon Guard heads - New/Old from Curious Constructs

Its been a long time coming its true, but I've finally got the refreshed Pith Helmeted & Dragoon Guard heads, this time in resin, up and for sale! There was some minor tweeks to the Pith heads, with a couple of them retired and replaced, and four all new heads added to the Dragoon Guard heads.

The whole Curious Constructs range has also moved with the closure of my old webstore, it now occupies a space on the new Kirton Games webstore,


Jan Niehues said...

These should be perfect to praetorialise (if that is a word) a squad of Tempestus Scions!

But what I particularly like is the warning in the webstore:

>Do not ingest these models as it may be harmful to your health.



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Remi Solanke said...

Do you think you might ever make a couple of Officer style heads to go with these Dragoons? I am using the heads on my guardsmen and would love to have a few that stand out from the crowd! I am also trying to greenstuff beards and moustaches on a few of them, but am beginning to think that is best left to the professionals!lol Please do keep up the excellent work ;)