Sunday, 27 January 2008

Malcador (Part 2)

Well I'm making slow slogging process on the Malcador, with one side now given its basic scheme, it's now had a light varnish to protect it while I paint the rest of the model, then I'll come back for markings and weathering.

A couple of lessons learnt in retrospect for this kit, the sponsons and their weapons mounts are a poor fit, I could of done with a little plasti-crad insert to keep the heavy bolters/galting guns level as is they droop a little, meanwhile I should have painted the lascannon mount to completed BEFORE inserting the lascannon, I've now got a problem with paint being scratched off. These are'nt major problems but things I'll keep in mind when it comes to purchasing and building a second of these in the future.

Oh and of course as ever it seems the tracks were a pain! Oh how I loathe the Imperial Guard plastic track sprue! Of course it's easily solved in reality, I wont go over what has already been covered in this very useful Blog Article on Ultrawerke, which is well worth a read.

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Fresh from the Workshop

Progress on the Malcador has got the treadhead in me going, the result is starting work on the remaining two vehicles of my Armoured Cavalries 1st Troop, and all three of my Basilisk's.

The artillery will be focused on first, filling gaps, deciding how best to mount the traditional Gating Gun in the hull mount and getting the guns themselves built. The Russ (as well as a second Troop which should turn up on Thursday - minus FW Conqueror turrets) will have to wait until I can get hold of enough Dreadnought sarcophagi front plates of the design I used previously - only have one at the moment, off to the forums I go too try an change that!

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Malcador (Part 1)

Well the Malcador Defender is now very much underway. I've replaced the Heavy Bolters with my usual Gatlings Guns, and used the nicer plastic Lascannons from the IG Heavy Weapons sprues. The Guns have now been painted and varnished and slotted into their spaces, with the sponson blocks and roof now fixed in place, both these elements have left some fairly large gaps which I'll now get on with filling before moving onto painting properly.

It's a really nice kit, though I was unlucky to get one which was well and trully coated in release agent, soap and hot water failed, and even white spirit did'nt deal with the worst of it after a 24 hours soak, so I resorted to a scrub of nail varish remover applied with a tooth brush on the worst areas - this seems to have cleared the problem without any damage to the resin.

Tuesday, 1 January 2008