Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Admiral Drax: 516 - The Second Seige of Agratha - Part 1: Situat...

Just in case you missed it (and because there are no excuses) here, posted on the good Admiral Drax's blog is the first bit of background, setting the scene to this summers main event, the clock is ticking down, watch this space, that space, and of course this space right here for more!

Admiral Drax: 516 - The Second Seige of Agratha - Part 1: Situat...: Next month will see the last hurrah of the Cadian 24th, and they're not going out quietly. Thus, it begins...

Sunday, 26 July 2015

++++ Transmission Intercept ++++

++++ Transmission Intercept ++++
++++ Signal Acquired ++++
++++ Static ++++
++++ Static ++++

"Agratha? I thought Drax's mob had the place secured?" (Voice identified as Colonel Gravis, CO 4th Praetorian Foot)

"So High Command thought sir, but the latest intel directly from Agratha Command has revised the situation significantly." (Voice identified as Strategos Gellar, Munitorum Tactica Cadre)

+Sounds of Paper rustling+

"How old is this update. Are there more?"


+Sound of large pile of paper dropping to the desk+

"Sir, every update revises the Orkoid strength upwards, they already considerably outnumber local forces at Agratha... even with your full strength diverted..."

"I can count man. Even with our full strength we'd be badly outnumbered."

"Tactica calculates a minimal chance of victory. The odds are overwhelming they're calling it Admiral Drax's Last Stand."

"Oh poppycock Gellar. Your forgetting one very important thing, we're now putting two of Praetoria's finest regiments in to a last stand situation, I almost pity those greenskin bars..."

++++ Static ++++

"...ey'll never know what hit them!"

"Sir? Two regiments?"

"Oh use your noggin Gellar! Now, get me the Lord Commissar - I need him to have a word with the cog boys, get him to encourage them to get the old girl painted up with no excuses. We're going to need all the firepower we can lay our hands on."

++++ Static ++++
++++ Static ++++
++++ Signal Lost ++++

Saturday, 4 July 2015