Tuesday, 31 July 2007

A little more progress - not alot.

I've ended up doing nothing more on the Roughriders then working on the last four horses, about to start work on another arm (the first did'nt work out), the Leman Russ is however on its way and I've recieved in the post some rockets to put on the Rocket Troughs after a little modification, with stag days, weddings and birthdays over the next couple of weeks though I'm dreading not making much progress... I'll try anyway, for now, some pictures!

First Six Roughrider Mounts

Roughrider Sculpt WIP

Leman Russ WIP

Close Up of Drivers Position

Thursday, 26 July 2007


Well it's been a while, and progress as ever has been s.l.o.w!

The Mortar's are complete, but to improve them a little I'm gonna be adding rockets in the trough ready for firing, these I hope to have done within the next week or so, I'll add unit pictures then.

I've all but finished six of the ten horses I need for the Roughriders being used in my list, with the aim of getting the remaining four within the next week or so as well. The rider sculpts are getting there, the new legs are just about done, just needing final detailing (stirrups), the torso I'm going to use will be that initially sculpted for the Phoenix Club Praetorians - I'll resume work on the rest of the resin Praetorian masters later - leaving me with arms and heads to go for the Roughriders. I'm aiming now to have the casts done by the middle of next month, maybe a tall order as I've not yet got any casting gear or materials(!), that'll be another job for this weekend, do my homework an order!

I've made a start on cleaning up and assembling the Leman Russ also, having ordered some extra bits an pieces including an engine, more on this once the parts have all arrived!

Grenadiers... I'm leaving these for the time being, the Roughriders and tank are gonna take priority, if I've got time once these are finished I'll try an get some Life Guards ready to use, I'm not confident on these now however, that'll mean some minor changes, namely an extra Infantry Squad to the mobile Platoon but I've already got all the models I need to do this so no worries there.

Update with pictures soon!

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Veterans Night 05/07/07 and Stuff

Only one game in this past week, this time against Ravenwing. The mission was Recon at Gamma level, the army included the Master of the Ravenwing, three or four Bike Squadrons, 3 Attack Bikes and 3 Land Speeder Tornado's. I made a split deployment, one around a hell with my Russ the other with the Mortars, more of a sacrificial flank. The tactic itself worked well, though with some bad rolling I lost two keys squads in the first turn to morale checks, after that the dice went all my way, I litterally annilated the opposition on my strong flank causing significant damage to those on my other flank (though my forces there did cave as expected). However, with one of his squadrons still at strength as well as a speeder and having left it too late with moving my Russ into his table quarter it turned from what would have been a draw leaning in a win in my favour turned to a win in huis favour by 4pts... damnation! Next time as they say! ;)

Meanwhile I've finished the Mortar Crewmen (pics will follow soon), and have done a dry assembly of my first Mortar, this based on the Hales Rocket Troughs of the late 19th Century which fits the theme of the army, its not an impressive piece, but I think it looks pretty much right. Less favourably after assembling all the Roughriders Horses I discovered one type is wider then the other and thus the set of legs I've been sculpting does'nt fit. Balls. Have just started sculpting another set, hopefully will get them done soon!

Hales Rocket Trough

Dry Assembled Mortar/Rocket Trough

Sunday, 1 July 2007

What a start... yeah :P

Well I've already failed my first personal aim, the Mortar Crew are nowhere near finished, well I say that, the blue, brown, metal, flesh and soon red areas are done (bar touch-ups), leaving the boots, base, pith helmet and detailing, I'll have them finished during the week and hopefully still manage to get the mortars themselves converted and maybe the Roughrider master finished.

I've also done a little tiny bit more on the Phoenix Club Praetorians, though its not alot to show, but hey at least its progress. June has'nt been a month I'd wanna repeat, still it's over now so onwards and upwards as they say!