Saturday, 19 April 2008

Leman Russ Executioner Conversion (Part 1)

Well here's a bit of a random, I've spent much of the day sculpting, with some pleasing results for the heads, just one thing needs finishing, the eyes. Perhaps somewhat ironically the eyes are also the problem thats stopped me in my tracks, not the models though, rather mine. I had a minor operation to remove a cyst on my lower left eyelid yesterday and now it just keeps watering, making it impossible for me to do the really fidley bit so I'll get back on that as soon as I can.

This evening unable to continue there I decided to do a little work on a project I've wanted to do for a while, a Leman Russ Executioner Turret. Given all my normal Russ use Conqueror Turrets I've a number of spare standard Russ Turrets, with plenty in mind to do with them.

A while ago I happend upon this in a bag of bits I was given, it's the Plasma Annilator from an old Imperial Imperator Titan from Epic 40,000 (Emperor alone knows where the rest of it is!), I think it goes without saying it bears an obvious resemblance to a Leman Russ Executioners Plasma Destroyer.

Having stripped it I cut it down to the section of the weapon I wanted.

And quickly built up one of the spare turrets with the aid of a few bits an pieces from the bits box and a little plasti-card.

Married up I'm fairly pleased with the result, just need to dig out some guitar wire now to add some piping on top of the turret and to replace the tubing under the barrel.

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Adeptus Arbites

Proctor Sergeant

Sisters of Battle (Part 1)

So the plan is to have 1500pts of Sisters of Battle ready for this years UK GT, bit of a change for me - I've neither used Power Armoured troops competatively before, nor played a short ranged mechanised type army before, looking forward too it though!

Roughly speaking my list will initially consist of a Eviscerator & Jump Pack equipped Canoness who'll join a 8 strong Sepharim unit with Eviscerator armed Sister Superior and two Duel Hand Flamers. The rest of the list will consist of two 10 strong Celestian units with Heavy Flamers and Flamers in Rhinos, two 10 strong Battle Sister units with Heavy Flamers and Meltaguns in Rhinos and a pair of Exorcists. Subject to change once I get playing with em. First I've gota build the force though!

I've almost got everything I need now, just an ebay auction away of a last half dozen sisters with the last Rhino in the post now, I've made a start on what I've got with the Sisters being stripped at the moment I'll get on with them soon as they're finished.

For now I'm working on the Canoness and Sepharim Sister Superior, the only two major conversions, I went through a few ideas for the Eviscerators but have settled on combining two IG Chainswords.

Sister Superior


The vehicles are nearly all assembled, I'm using a combination of Immolator and Space Marine Whirlwind launchers for my Exorcist's as I'm not overly fond of either the GW or FW versions of the model. Just assembling the launchers themselves at the moment.

The Sepharim are now all initially based, some work left to do to them, a few extra bits of ruin, and texturing then I'll maybe start painting... maybe!

This is all happening between working on the Praetorian sculpts, which is mainly focused on faces at the moment, trying to get a result there I'm happy with, not easy though! I've got another set of Lasgun Arms on the go now, with the aiming pose being tidied, I'll get some pictures of those up soon.

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Of Sisters and Mini-Fridges

A new tool in my arsenal and yet another new project, where will it end?

First of all something of a discovery for me. Getting back into the swing of sculpting (yes again, long story) I've often been fustrated by how long it takes for greenstuff to cure and thus be safe to work on without risking already completed parts. The solution is fairly well known, heating greenstuff decreases the curing time. The normal method seems to be to use a lamp to create something of a heat box or even an oven at low temperatures, I lack those facilities though, and space being rather constricted to boot. I was however given one of those little mini-fridges at christmas and just happend to click the other day there was a 'hot' setting on it, after a quick test the curing time seems to be halved, which with a week off comming up means I should be able to make some significant progress. Huzzah!

As too Sisters, nobody expects the Exeter Inquisition! More to follow on this new project soon but lets say I wont be taking Guard to this years GT Heats for the first time, well, ever actually.