Sunday, 29 April 2012

Product Review - Captain Caine by Victoria Miniatures

Victoria was good enough to send me a couple of pre-release versions of the this model a little while back - for reasons that Dakkaites will soon see! As it looks like release is now imminent, following its initial preview on facebook back in November I thought I'd just do a quick review of the figure.

The quality of the casting is excellent with very little in the way of mould lines or flash. Though I've heard the odd grumble relating to loss of some fine detail in some of Victoria Miniatures releases there absoultely no evidence of that here I'm delighted to say, everything is wonderfully crisp. That said, there was one very very minor flaw at the base of the sword, however, Victoria alerted me to this before I even had the figure in hand. This was down to a problem with the mould which is apparently being resolved ahead of production, and probably accounts for the delay in this models release.

As you'd expect the quality of the sculpting is top notch with plenty of fine detailing. The figure follows the design of the Victorian Guard range produced by Victoria Miniatures, which is heavily and accurately based on British 19th century colonial infantry. However, this more historically accurate appearance still blends in perfectly with the Praetorian range. In addition, unlike many pistol and sword armed figures, which can so easily end up looking a little awkward, the pose is dynamic and flowing, with the cloth hanging on the figure very nicely indeed.

The figure is of course 28mm heroic, this means it scales very well with plastic Cadians, however it is a little larger then metal Praetorians, not that it'll stand out too much. Regardless of this, the figure is an absolutely pleasure to paint with all this detailing, and lends itself very nicely to any ability. Whether you go for something basic with the aid of a few washes, go to town like Victoria's own painted version of the figure, or aim for something in between like my own you'll end up with a figure to be proud of, and one which would look the part for an Officer or Special Character standin for any Praetorian or Steampunk army.

Captain Caine is now for sale from Victoria Miniatures at priced at $12.00 AU.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Golden Demon Winning Praetorian Standard Bearer

Even GW can't ignore Praetorian IG when they're this well painted, James Brown painted this awesome Standard Bearer and took home the Bronze Golden Demon for 40k Single Miniature at Games Day Austrailia back in 2010. I've never seen it before on the GW site, but now I have I had to share! Thanks to Zemlod on Warseer for pointing this one out!

Friday, 27 April 2012

Background - The Pacification of Montar VII?

The following is the proposed background for the Praetorian Imperial Guard vs. Ork community apocalypse Game at Warhammer World next year.
The Pacification of Montar VII?
At the last it came to the re-conquest of Montar VII, the very first world conquered by Waaagh Bulgarg, and the site of the infamous massacre at Big Toof River. Though Warlord Bulgarg himself had by now vanished along with a sizeable portion of his horde, the planet’s surface still teamed with Orks. This strength of numbers alone left Imperial strategists predicting massive casualties, and unable to assure victory.  Thus, at the climax of the campaign, as the drop ships descended, Lord Sherdan himself took personal command of the Imperial army group from his personal Leviathan, the Glorious Retribution.

Initially there was no focused opposition to the Imperial landings, something eerily reminiscent of the arrival of the Praetorian 24th many years previously. However, as Sherdan’s command advanced Ork opposition stiffened, and it became apparent that the Orks increasingly acted with a unified will - a new Warlord had clearly established himself over his brutal kin. Contact was now regularly made on all sides by probing Ork warbands, especially during the hours of darkness; yet still the main horde did not commit itself. In response, Sherdan drew his forces into a hollow square proof against such attacks as they advanced, holding the same formation as they made camp. In this fashion, the Imperial forces steadily ground towards what had been identified as the largest Orkish settlement from orbit, finally assuming a defensive position on the high ground overlooking it.

Beneath the Imperial army, the Ork slums extended almost out of sight, while closer at hand the original battlefield of Big Toof River loomed, the skeletons of Imperial armour still projecting above the sands. Only then, as the ghosts of past Imperial defeat looked on unflinchingly, did the Orkish hordes which now visibly surrounded the Imperial Guard force finally oblige. The seething green mass which stretched across the horizon charged with a deafening roar, and the ground itself shook at the tread of the numberless warriors and their warmachines.

The deciding battle of the campaign was joined.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Trading Post - For Sale 2012

The below is a list of items I've got for sale, updated for 2011, with new items being added now and again, if your interested in anything from the list please get in touch at the usual address, I'm happy to ship world wide and accept Paypal (all goes to the hobby fund!), additional pictures are on request. I also trade through a number of websites including eBay, Bartertown, Warseer, Dakka Dakka, and 40k Online, if you'd prefer to trade through one of these that's fine by me, and indeed preferred on my part.

Pictures for those items without them at present will be uploaded when I have the chance, but if you are specificly interested in anything let me know and I'll get it done immeadiately.

Items in RED are sold, pending payment, items in BLUE are under offer.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Calling All Praetorian IG Players - The Pacification of Montar VII?

I know a few of you at least are aware of the plans which were floated on Commissar Dave's Blog for a big old Praetorian vs. Ork Apocalypse bash at Warhammer World in Nottingham, provisionally on 11th-13th January 2013.

With Dave currently doing his tour of duty in Afganistan and not back for a few months there seems to be a danger of letting the momentum which built up vanish, and that would be a terrible shame, so in his absense it seems a good idea to keep doing what we can towards this en.!

So! Assuming that date, we need a show of hands of those who would definately expect to be able to attend, and those who would like to, but cant yet confirm (please be clear which you are!).

Also, we need an idea of the points you can put down on the table so we can set about arranging a suitable amount of opposition and possibly putting in a booking with Warhammer World. You don't need to be too specific, to the nearest 1000pts would be a good level at this stage, keeping in mind we're hoping for Praetorian IG only, no other regiments unless they are suitable conversions/paintjobs or fit in specifically with your Praetorian force, and definately no Marines/Titans/Inqusition/SoB etc - though Imperial navy fliers will be fine. Forgeworld is good to go also!

If you happen to know any Ork players who you could bring along with you, now would be a good time to mention it as well, though we'll worry about that more once we know how many Imperials we have.

I'm going to try an email everyone who has already expressed an interest in the next few days once my home internet is restored, but for anyone else, or those I will email if you want to get ahead of the game, lets have at it.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Biggest Painting Project

So where have I been? Well, making a start on my biggest painting project to date, and not a miniature in sight! I think I may need some bigger brushes.

The down side of this is I've no where to paint yet, and just about everything is boxed away, and probably will be for a few weeks yet. I am working slowly on a unit of Highlanders though, as well as a unit of Mordians, as well as a new arrival from Victoria Lamb for which I've kept out a few bits and paints to work on, progress soon, honest!