Sunday, 29 April 2012

Product Review - Captain Caine by Victoria Miniatures

Victoria was good enough to send me a couple of pre-release versions of the this model a little while back - for reasons that Dakkaites will soon see! As it looks like release is now imminent, following its initial preview on facebook back in November I thought I'd just do a quick review of the figure.

The quality of the casting is excellent with very little in the way of mould lines or flash. Though I've heard the odd grumble relating to loss of some fine detail in some of Victoria Miniatures releases there absoultely no evidence of that here I'm delighted to say, everything is wonderfully crisp. That said, there was one very very minor flaw at the base of the sword, however, Victoria alerted me to this before I even had the figure in hand. This was down to a problem with the mould which is apparently being resolved ahead of production, and probably accounts for the delay in this models release.

As you'd expect the quality of the sculpting is top notch with plenty of fine detailing. The figure follows the design of the Victorian Guard range produced by Victoria Miniatures, which is heavily and accurately based on British 19th century colonial infantry. However, this more historically accurate appearance still blends in perfectly with the Praetorian range. In addition, unlike many pistol and sword armed figures, which can so easily end up looking a little awkward, the pose is dynamic and flowing, with the cloth hanging on the figure very nicely indeed.

The figure is of course 28mm heroic, this means it scales very well with plastic Cadians, however it is a little larger then metal Praetorians, not that it'll stand out too much. Regardless of this, the figure is an absolutely pleasure to paint with all this detailing, and lends itself very nicely to any ability. Whether you go for something basic with the aid of a few washes, go to town like Victoria's own painted version of the figure, or aim for something in between like my own you'll end up with a figure to be proud of, and one which would look the part for an Officer or Special Character standin for any Praetorian or Steampunk army.

Captain Caine is now for sale from Victoria Miniatures at priced at $12.00 AU.


Dai said...

I've been eyeing her highlanders for a while now, but the shipping from Oz to California has always stoped me from buying.

Lovely review though - Sir Michael would probably feel chuffed to be honoured by such a cool mini.

Ady said...

I remember seeing a comment on the sword by another blogger who received a preview Caine free with an order he made. He blamed it on overeager US customs officers checking the package. I'm looking forward to putting in an order soon. Victoria's facebook page hints that the new additions should be available from the end of next week.

Buffer said...

Wow, thanks very much for the review, jealous you've already got him! I think I will have to buy a couple, one to modify, one to go back to when that goes wrong! Think he fits in really well as an Officer figure and I'm going to have him lead a Platoon.

Dai, I had some shipped to the UK, it was pretty quick and considering it was international thought the postage was pretty reasonable, don't let it put you off, all the stuff I have got from Vic has been top quality.

oink said...

This looks great, there is very nice definition to the model! the cloth in particular is very well scultped and you can see that it makes all the difference to the feel once painted!

nice sculpt, nice paint job!

Phill said...

Thanks for the review, really looking forward to ordering one!!

Col. Ackland said...

That is such a characterful mimi. It is a wish come true!