Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Manticore (Part 2)

Yes, still alive and kicking, a very quick update, because I'm about to go to bed - and it's not even 10pm yet, just one of those weeks!

Anyway, I need to get some natural light at some point, to take final pictures of the Manticore and also updated pictures of the Infantry with the Sergeants which were finished what a year ago now (oh how time flies!), in the meantime though, here is the finished Manticore, I might be tempted to add another one at some point, but for now that's on hold.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

News from the Front

It's another one of those 'sorry about the lack of hobby content' type post's.

The past month or so has been quite hectic all in all, first off I was rushing around trying to get everything ready for the 40k Team Challenge held by Maelstrom Games, an excellent event and venue I'll be sure to be posting more about in the near future. I've been getting back in the swing of studying as I start my History degree, sculpting whenever I get the chance with projects for Secret Weapon Miniatures and Alternative Armies. AS you've probably noticed I've done a little work on the blog layout and trying to organise all the old posts and pictures into something more, well, organised, working more then a few extra hours and got engaged to finish it all off (so now theres a wedding to plan as well!).

Busy times.

Still I've got a few post's lined up to be written, actual hobby content again, normal service resuming shortly!

Friday, 1 October 2010

Hobby Fund (1st October)

Another good month for the hobby fund, a few sales on eBay and my Sisters of Battle army sold privately has made for quite a healthy income, much of it has gone out to help fund my OU course though, and more of it will go out yet to boot.

Though there is the probability I'll be trying to hunt down one specific figure to purchase this month I'm not expecting to make any further hobby purchases until November, while I'll be adding some more bits and pieces over the coming week as well as getting back to work on some new projects for a couple of companies.

  • Starting Balance 1st September = £31.02

  • Sales in September = £219.50

  • Sales Fee's in September = -£9.26

  • Purchases in September = £0.00

  • Misc Income/Outgoings = -£170.00

  • Balance 1st October = £71.26