Monday, 24 March 2008

Sculpts (Part 6)

Another minor update, after some test fitting the first set of arms works spot on with Cadian Lasguns arms sets, B, F & G pretty much spot on (pictured below), just a little tidying to finish that arm set now, some detailing to the hand and smoothing out the cloth on the inside of the arms. Set D will fit but requires some filling at the wrist, what I think I may do it design a set specificly to fit D in addition to too poses for the first three. Set H and spare Lasguns meanwhile will be implemented with a one handed gun pose. There'll also be the single set of Grenade Launcher/Flamer arms and a set with pistol and chainsword, next up is the high & tight aiming pose for BFG arms.

Set B

Set F

Set G

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Leviathan Performance (Bell of Lost Souls Rules)

Well the Leviathan saw action today in a fairly large Apoc game (estimated about 20000-25000pts per side), using the Bell of Lost Souls rules (available here for download along with a host of other datafax's,

Truth be told I dont think it was really put through it's paces that much, it did'nt take a scratch during the game, afraid of getting it assaulted I held it back on the deployment line, which in retrospect I think I should'nt of. It's tough enough to take some serious firepower with its high armour, and good number of structure points and void shields and as long as it gets a infantry horde around it to protect it from assault it should be fine I suspect. That said even held back it easily made up its point, almost annilating a Maelstrom of Gore worth around 1000pts in its opening salvo alone (the unit appears as a big black blob of infantry to the left of the far end of the bridge in the picture). I'm tempted to wonder if it might be worth more in the region of 1500pts that given, but it's only the first test for me - I'll be a bit more aggressive next time I think!

Friday, 21 March 2008

Leviathan (Part 5)

Here we go, its definately not finished, theres alot of rough edges, several gaps in the flank armour, the top of the tower needs its edges smoothing off and detailing, and the whole front section needs plates and its big arse aquilla, none the less its ready for action tommorrow.

Leviathan (Part 4)

And so here I am again, back at the Leviathan, I needed a break from sculpting the Roughriders and Guardsmen masters and with a big Apocolypse game at my local store tommorrow this seemed like a good chance to get it to a state I could actually use it. There are gonna be alot of rough edges by the end of the day, but it will be undercoated, and I'll come back to tidying lose ends and other finishing work later on once the sculpting really is finished.

This will probably be a multiple update day, just a couple of pics for now.

First up the sponson turrets (which terrible mould lines!), the standard small baneblade with the gun plates filed flat and some cut down IG plastic lascannon fitted on side by side.

Then the main weaponry, the Doomsday Cannon starting to take shape, a simple piece of plumbing with helhammer cannon halves forming dampners, at the very least they'll be something substanical beneath the barrel eventually as well, the battlecannon has also been added, a chimney from the cities of death building set which seemed a good compromise in size between the Baneblade cannon and a Leman Russ cannon.

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Sculpts (Part 5)

Another one of those slight updates, work goes on, mainly focused on the Cadian to Praetorian conversion set, this shot shows how the WIP arms marry up with the plastic cadian lasguns. I'm looking at two or three lasgun poses at the moment this is 'low & loose' they'll definately be a 'high and tight' aiming pose, another if it happens is undecided. The Roughrider arms are getting there slowly, so they'll probably be in the next update, I've also started work on a second batch of heads, some numbers for the possible initial cast run were chucked around and I got rather nervous that the last lot wer'nt upto scratch as a result!

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Sculpts (Part 4)

Progress continues on several projects at the moment, but top of the list is the Praetorian Sculpts, I'm working on a number of components at the moment, mostly still very raw so no pics yet, the Roughrider legs however are just about there, a few rough edges need sorting out still but otherwise they're done.