Sunday, 9 March 2008

Sculpts (Part 4)

Progress continues on several projects at the moment, but top of the list is the Praetorian Sculpts, I'm working on a number of components at the moment, mostly still very raw so no pics yet, the Roughrider legs however are just about there, a few rough edges need sorting out still but otherwise they're done.


Phill MADCT said...

very very cool! What kind of horse is that? Remember now that GW no longer allows bitz orders that finding a a cheap box of horses might be difficult. Dunno how we can solve this.

Also there is the doctrine that allows us to take creatures

instead of horses. Do you feel the legs will be compatible or convertable to other beasts?

Col.Gravis said...

Thankyou :)

Yep I kept that in mind, the horse is taken from the WFB Empire Pistoller/Outrider Box Set, it's fairly reasonably priced and includes five really nice plastic horses. That said with a little filing the legs would fit over the standard old unbarded horse, or the older Bretonnian Barded horses, I cant say for other newer barded horses or monsterous mounts such as Cold Ones though I'm afraid, I'm sure it could be achieved with a little work though.

Javelin said...

Excellent work (as always) Col. Gravis. I'm also glad to see you using the Pistoller/Outrider horses as I have a bunch of them sitting around just awaiting riders. :)

bigred said...

Colonel, you live! I was getting worried for a bit there.

It's always nice to see you adding more Roughriders... its almost like you have something in mind for them :)

Col.Gravis said...

Thanks :)

Aye, I've been a bit tied up lately, getting back in the game again now, I'll get back to you before the week it out bigred with the bits an pieces you were after.

And yes I've plenty in mind for them! ;)

Colonel Vimes said...

Tell me, would you be interested casting and selling some of the rough rider sculpts after they're completion?

Col.Gravis said...


The intention was they will be cast up by the Phoenix Club as linked to the left hand side. This is partly on hold at the moment but is still quite likely to happen, all I can say is watch this space for the time being.