Saturday, 22 March 2008

Leviathan Performance (Bell of Lost Souls Rules)

Well the Leviathan saw action today in a fairly large Apoc game (estimated about 20000-25000pts per side), using the Bell of Lost Souls rules (available here for download along with a host of other datafax's,

Truth be told I dont think it was really put through it's paces that much, it did'nt take a scratch during the game, afraid of getting it assaulted I held it back on the deployment line, which in retrospect I think I should'nt of. It's tough enough to take some serious firepower with its high armour, and good number of structure points and void shields and as long as it gets a infantry horde around it to protect it from assault it should be fine I suspect. That said even held back it easily made up its point, almost annilating a Maelstrom of Gore worth around 1000pts in its opening salvo alone (the unit appears as a big black blob of infantry to the left of the far end of the bridge in the picture). I'm tempted to wonder if it might be worth more in the region of 1500pts that given, but it's only the first test for me - I'll be a bit more aggressive next time I think!


bigred said...

Looking good Colonel,

I can't wait to see it painted up!

Anonymous said...

hey, kilian from bootcamp here,Do you have/gonna have or post how you made the thing? that would be awesome.

Col.Gravis said...

Thanks bigred, I msut admit I'm really kinda looking forward to it now!

kilian, there are various WIP shots on the blog from different stages, at the moment I'm not really intending on collating those into a 'how to' tutorial, possibly one day though.