Saturday, 14 January 2012

When the Leviathan Went to War

For the first time in three years the Leviathan, still incomplete, took o tthe tables for a 50,000pts Apocalypse Game at my local gaming store, Iron Haven Games in Exeter. From a modelling perspective theres still plenty to do, the Lascannon turrets need tidying, the top, firing platform and rear need updating still, and theres armour plates and rivets to be added - and the small matter of a lick of paint, but it is getting there.

Though the Leviathan bought it in the closing stage of the game, it did soak up a hell of alot of firepower, especially from Tyranid Gargantuin Creatures and assorted Chaos Greater Demons, and it dealt out a fair bit of hurt as well as you'd expect from a single model of over 1000pts. Great fun was had by all at the event, so I thought I'd just repost a compilation video which one of those who attended has put together of pictures from the game.

Now then, I need some Air Defence...

Monday, 2 January 2012

Leviathan Progress (Part 2)

Renewed progress on the Leviathan has continued over New Year, the near side is now renewed, though I still plan to add some armour panels and rivets. These additions will wait until I've finished renewing the entire vehicle though. On that front I've made good progress on the other side with sponsons added and joins largely finished and sanded. I'm also slowly starting work on the front, the Doomesday Cannon is again mounted, though its got some significant work to go on it, I'm going to hopefully replace the far side armour plate later today which will allow me to work on some details with further panels. Also now working on the Lascannon turrets, which need some adjustment due to the thicker flank armour on the hull.