Sunday, 5 September 2010

Praetorian Imperial Guard Links

Regiments of Praetoria
Hobby Blogs and Forum Threads

3rd Praetorian - Crazy Red Praetorian
4th Praetorian - Col.Gravis
4th Praetorian Mechanised - Phil Anderson
5th Praetorian - Cpt.Harris
5th Praetorian - sovietspace
7th Praetorian - Goblin Lee
8th Praetorian - Shaman (Spanish Language)
12th Praetorian - Crosser Modelling
12th Praetorian - 12thpraetorian
13th Praetorian - Buffer
14th Praetorian - mk6marine
16th Praetorian - Student
17th Praetorian - Hewlett
17th Praetorian - Col.Young
18th Praetorian - goroul
20th Praetorian - Lord General Gordon
22nd Praetorian - Col. Thorne
23rd Praetorian - Malkavschilde
24th Praetorian - Kain (Spanish Language)
24th Praetorian - High Marshal Gabriel
24th Praetorian - Ady
32nd Praetorian - Lord Whitlow
35th Praetorian - Railgunner
60th Praetorian - Praetorian60th
64th Praetorian - Captain Steel
72nd Praetorian - Col.Price
77th Praetorian - DarkTraveler777
83rd Praetorian - Snorri
35th Praetorian - Railgunner
93rd Praetorian - Capt. Falke
99th Praetorian - Frans (Dutch Language)
110th Praetorian - Alex
124th Praetorian - Extrac32 Alternative Link
215th Praetorian - Alex
224th Praetorian - EzekielBrodie
Caine's Cannon Fodder - Victoria Lamb
Unknown Praetorian Regiment, 4th Coy - Commissar Dave

Unknown Praetorian Regiment - The Great Lord

24th Britannian - Wolfy
74th Scotia Highlanders - dijit80
Katan IV - Si
Macharian Thunder Guard - Col.Ackland

Hobby Tutorials

Sculpting -

How to Sculpt Mordian Style Caps
How to Sculpt Pith Helmets
How to Sculpt Epualettes
How to Sculpt Valhallan Style Caps

Conversions -

Converting Praetorian Plasma Guns from Meltaguns
Converting a Swapable Basilisk and Medusa Artillery Piece

Terrain -

Quick and Easy Minefields

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Army Gallery

4th Praetorian Foot, 'The Lord Governor's Own'

Regimental HQ
D Company, 1st Battalion

The Life Guards

The Hive Victorium Regiment of Life Guards

The Cavalry Corps

2nd Squadron, 79th Lancers

The Armoured Cavalry

2nd Squadron, 19th Praetorian Armoured Cavalry

The Super Heavy Armoured Cavalry

Vehicles of the Super Heavy Armoured Corps

The Artillery Corps

Lascannon Batteries
Gatling Gun Batteries
Autocannon Batteries
Rocket Batteries

The Siege Artillery Corps

Manticore Battery

The Praetorian Corps of Engineers

214th Engineering Company

Supporting Imperial Forces

The Adeptus Arbites
The Adeptus Pyskana
The Imperial Commissariat
The Imperial Navy

Noteable Personalities of Praetoria

'The Duelist'
Colonel Ackland
Captain Caine, 24th Praetorian Foot

Hobby Fund (1st September)

Well it's been a bit of a busy month for the hobby fund, lots comming in and lots going out! Some free listing days on ebay saw me listing a few extra pieces which all sold and started the fund rolling this past month, but the real nice bit came from the sale of the Pith Helmetted heads to Secret Weapon this month.

A portion of the income from the Pith Heads went straight into a Realm of Battle board from Games Workshop, though purchased through Dark Sphere an excellent online retailer (though they also have a store in london) giving a decent sized discount, I also picked up some Royal Navy figures from my local gaming store (it's two doors down from my house, can't get much more local then that), more on these at a later date.

So where has all the money gone? Well I've decided to do a history degree with the Open University, partly as it's something that interest's me and partly with an eye on future career prospects, it's expensive of course, as are other things happening at the moment so I've ended up deciding to fund half of the degree from the hobby fund - which actually means theres a bit more to go out of it yet, but needs must - it's not like I'm running out of things to paint!

I am downsizing my GW collection further, my Sisters of Battle are going, as are my Warriors of Chaos for Fantasy - I may even offer up some of my bits box, I'm looking at getting into Secrets of the Third Reich however, looking to be getting in my first demo games later this month.

  • Starting Balance 1st August = £53.07

  • Sales in August = £340.57

  • Sales Fee's in August = -£17.12

  • Purchases in August = -£130.50

  • Misc Income/Outgoings = -£215.00

  • Balance 1st September = £31.02