Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Army Gallery

4th Praetorian Foot, 'The Lord Governor's Own'

Regimental HQ
D Company, 1st Battalion

The Life Guards

The Hive Victorium Regiment of Life Guards

The Cavalry Corps

2nd Squadron, 79th Lancers

The Armoured Cavalry

2nd Squadron, 19th Praetorian Armoured Cavalry

The Super Heavy Armoured Cavalry

Vehicles of the Super Heavy Armoured Corps

The Artillery Corps

Lascannon Batteries
Gatling Gun Batteries
Autocannon Batteries
Rocket Batteries

The Siege Artillery Corps

Manticore Battery

The Praetorian Corps of Engineers

214th Engineering Company

Supporting Imperial Forces

The Adeptus Arbites
The Adeptus Pyskana
The Imperial Commissariat
The Imperial Navy

Noteable Personalities of Praetoria

'The Duelist'
Colonel Ackland
Captain Caine, 24th Praetorian Foot

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