Sunday, 5 September 2010

Praetorian Imperial Guard Links

Regiments of Praetoria
Hobby Blogs and Forum Threads

3rd Praetorian - Crazy Red Praetorian
4th Praetorian - Col.Gravis
4th Praetorian Mechanised - Phil Anderson
5th Praetorian - Cpt.Harris
5th Praetorian - sovietspace
7th Praetorian - Goblin Lee
8th Praetorian - Shaman (Spanish Language)
12th Praetorian - Crosser Modelling
12th Praetorian - 12thpraetorian
13th Praetorian - Buffer
14th Praetorian - mk6marine
16th Praetorian - Student
17th Praetorian - Hewlett
17th Praetorian - Col.Young
18th Praetorian - goroul
20th Praetorian - Lord General Gordon
22nd Praetorian - Col. Thorne
23rd Praetorian - Malkavschilde
24th Praetorian - Kain (Spanish Language)
24th Praetorian - High Marshal Gabriel
24th Praetorian - Ady
32nd Praetorian - Lord Whitlow
35th Praetorian - Railgunner
60th Praetorian - Praetorian60th
64th Praetorian - Captain Steel
72nd Praetorian - Col.Price
77th Praetorian - DarkTraveler777
83rd Praetorian - Snorri
35th Praetorian - Railgunner
93rd Praetorian - Capt. Falke
99th Praetorian - Frans (Dutch Language)
110th Praetorian - Alex
124th Praetorian - Extrac32 Alternative Link
215th Praetorian - Alex
224th Praetorian - EzekielBrodie
Caine's Cannon Fodder - Victoria Lamb
Unknown Praetorian Regiment, 4th Coy - Commissar Dave

Unknown Praetorian Regiment - The Great Lord

24th Britannian - Wolfy
74th Scotia Highlanders - dijit80
Katan IV - Si
Macharian Thunder Guard - Col.Ackland


Crazy Red Praetorian said...


Wolfy said...

Nice compilation list. Can you add mine to it please

I don't have a blog but have put it on warseer instead

Railgunner / Stuart said...

I just thought i would leave a comment to say thank you very much for having a link to my army on your blog. Ive been following closely on here and you have inspired me to start a blog of my own!

The Hon. Lord Gordon said...

Nice Work, Colonel.....

Anonymous said...

Hi Col. Gravis. Would you be able to add my blog to this list?

Anonymous said...

Hi Col. Gravis,

Thanks for including my 99th but you spelled my name wrong, it's Frans :)

Cpt.Harris said...

Hey, can you add mine to your list please?

Crosser Modelling said...

Nice one, thanks mate.

Cpt.Harris said...

Hi Colonel!

I know this is a selfish request, but can you post the link to the seller of those British Army-not-in-any-way-Praetorians-which-are-copyrighted bodies you sculpted? I've finally got the funds to order the 60+ I wanted, but can't find the website! argh!

All the best,

Cpt. Harris

Col.Gravis said...

The bad news is no, the good news is that I'll be doing some new ones following the Roughriders which I'll be making available myself!

mk6marine said...

If you could sir. I have just started my Blog. Here is the link.


Goblin Lee said...

Hello Col. Gravis,

I really like your blog. I started my own blog a few months ago, mainly old 1980's Warhammer Fantasy and Rogue Trader.
However, today I have updated my blog with my Praetorian Imperial Guard army, the 7th Praetorian. I thought you might be interested in taking a look, and if it is'nt too presumptive, maybe add it to your list.
Here is the blog address:

All the best,

Lee (Goblinlee).

Col.Gravis said...

mk6 marine, added you earlier on, but never replied here!

Lee, your now on the list as well, vey nice!

L Balloony said...

Good evening Sir, can I trouble you to add a link to my own humble efforts please - the 'Dauntless 215th' on

I would be most grateful, you have been a big inspiration to me and many other I am sure.