Sunday, 30 December 2012

Curious Constructs New Web Store Live + Discount Coupon!

At long last the new Curious Constructs web store is up and running!

To celebrate that, the new year, and the festive season in general, the following coupon code, entered in your Shopping Cart before checkout will give you a 10% discount in store. The coupon is valid from now until the 12th of January, and you can use it as many times as you like!

The Coupon code is NEWSTORE

I've also done a little price adjusting and put some Cavalry Squad deals in place, though these are strictly limited in number, I think they represent excellent vaue though! I've also introduced a Reward Points scheme for registered customers as an added thank you to repeat customers, and finally, all orders of £30.00 or more now ship for free!

Sound good? Go take a look!

Monday, 17 December 2012

Curious Constructs - Mk1 Laserlock Family Photo?

Laslocks, sniper variants, bayonets and pistols - oh my!

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Curious Constructs - Preview of the Laser-lock Rifle

I won't deny the fact that I get a little kick from sharing things which are being worked on for Curious Constructs - and theres alot of things being worked on at the moment. I'd like to share this one with you right now though, the Laser-lock Rifle. It's still a little work in progress, but I hope this will shortly be heading to the printers - feedback appreciated as always!

Monday, 10 December 2012

Curious Constructs - Proof that....

...Gravis is'nt very good at drawing...

...on the other hand, Praetorian fans may forgive me for this.

These awful sketches are shortly to be turned into a much more lovely 3D design by a far more talented artist, which in turn will be printed, cast and then released through Curious Constructs! This will bring my take on the Anti-Tank Laser, based on the conversions in my own army, to life, joining the Gatling Gun conversion kit! This will be a crowd funder project, so keep yours eyes open for more details in the near future!


Saturday, 1 December 2012

Throne of Skulls Nov 2012 Report

I've left this far too long, and now I've realised my memmory is getting a it hazey, but all the same here is my report from Novembers Throne of Skulls as best I can recal!

Game 1 - Dan Whitten's Blood Angels - Dawn of War, the Emperor's Will

The first game saw me up against Dan's Blood Angels, his list included Mephiston, a Sanguinary Priest, three units of Assualt Marines, a Stormraven, a Vindicator and a Predator. We depoyed facing off against each other, but Dan stole the iniative and throwing caution to the wind he moved straight ahead into the open ground to closes the distance as quickly as possible, trusting in his armour and night fight to keep him safe. I opened up with everything I had, wiping out one squad, and forcing a morale check on another which had been weaken resolved. However, he passed his morale check on a 5, and descended on my lines with carnage in mind. His full strength squad worked its way through the troops on my flank - I had ignored them to focus on the other two, while Mephiston and the remains of the damaged squad went through my center. I was able to deal with the Stormraven, and Vindicator in reasonably short order, and after a couple of turns Mephiston finally bit the dust, but the intact squad and the soul survivor of the second unit kept chewing away, while the Predator dealt with my armour. By the end of the game I had lost everything, but the Blood Angels were left wth just three assault marines and the predator and held one objective. A loss, but one which was actualy very close with several critical moments which could have seen it swung either way making it a fantastic way to start the tournament.

Result - Loss

Game 2 - Tim Bland's Dark Eldar - Hammer & Anvil, Mission... can't remember

Tim is one of my regular opponents from Exeter, and I went into the game having won our past couple so Tim was really itching to put a change to that. His list included 5 venoms, four with Wyches, one with Blaster toting true born. A Ravager, a big unit of Reavers, a unit of Wracks and two Razorwings rounded out the force. My first round of shooting was fairly effective, while my casulaties were light, however with all of Tim's reserves arriving I was ut onto the back foot. The mid game went entirely Tim's way, as I seemed entirely unable to touch his transports while his missiles and slinter cannons decimated my infantry. However, the sheer number of units I had on the board paid off, as one further good round of shooting saw almost all the Venoms destroyed, leaving the occupants as easy pickings out of assault range, but very much in range of my remaining guns. I think in the end all Tim had left was the Wracks defending one objective.

Result - Win

Game 3 - Mike's Tau / Necrons - Vanguard Strike, Mission... can't remember

The final game of the day was against Mike's Tau with its substancial allied force of Necrons. Mike made no qualms, he had his eye on best Tau player hence his list which included a Crisis Commander to man a Aegis line Quad Gun, two small units of Fire Warriors, a pair of Hammerheads, backed up by a Necron Destroyer Lord leading a unit of Wraiths, two small units of Immortals mounted in Night Scythes. I really can't remember the mission on this one, mainly because shortly after turn two it simplpy became a battle for survival! Right from the start my shooting went wide, aided by night fight. Though I brought down the Wraiths, his vehicles proved immune to anything I could chuck at them - which very quickly was very little. Tabled again!

Result - Loss

Game 4 - Paul L Imperial Guard - Hammer & Anvil, The Scouring

The first game of day two was set to be my favourite of the weekend. Paul's force included a Command HQ with Straken in Chimera, Marbo, three Veteran Squads in Chimera's, and a further one on foot as well as an Executioner, Medusa, Hydra and Vendetta. Paul ended up with first turn, but his initial salvo's of fire did'nt have too much effect, my own return fire was'nt particularly effective, but slowly a trail of wrecked and immobilised Chimeras were left across the center of the board. However, I was losing untis very quickly too, and things looked particularly bad as Marbo appeared above my Command Squad and Straken and his squads made it to assault with my weakened lines. Marbo fluffed it thankfully with a wild scatter on his demo charge, he survived my return fire only to be brought down by overwatch fire when he assaulted. Straken meanwhile his squad cut down made it into combat with my own Senior Officer, the two engaged in a challenge and killed each other in single combat! Another vital conflict went on in the center of the board where a lone squad of Praetorians held on against two units of Veterans contesting an objective, while with Straken gone I was able to secure three more out right securing me the win. It was another game where things were in the balance through almost the entire game and all the better for it!

Result - Win

Game 5 - Sid Sidhu's Space Wolves - The Relic, Dawn of War

The final game was against Sid's Space Wolves which included a Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf, Wolf Priest on Bike, 3 units of Long Fangs with Missile Launchers, 3 units Grey Hunters in Drop Pods and a big unit of Fenrisian Wolves. Settled on not being able to get to the Relic first I decided to trust in my guns (which had been somewhat hit and miss!). Quickly it became apparent it would be more of the missing then the hitting once more! The Long Fangs set about pounding my lines, as did the Gry Hunters with close range bolter fire, while the Wolf Lord with the Wolves and Priest captured the objective, I came off so badly in the first exchange it could easily of been game over at that point, as Sid had the objective and could easily have taken it out of reach - instead he brought it to me and got stuck even more, making a game of it and actually giving me a chance, albeit an outside one. I dont think I ended up killing anything except the wolves in the end - and once against was tabled... hmmm I'm making a habbit of that!

Result - Loss

Another fanastic trip to Nottingham, and despite only pulling two wins I still managed to place 3rd amongst the Imperial Guard players - roll on January and the next one... when I might try and take more pictures and get those reports done sooner while I can still remember more of what happend!

Monday, 19 November 2012

Throne of Skulls November 2012 Imperial Guard List

This is the list I took up to Nottingham for the Throne of Skulls in November. I've found it fun to play with, though it can be challenging to use against some opponents, while others just whither in the face of so much firepower. It benefits from upto 10 scoring troop units, which has proven tricky to deal with for opponents, but it is still a little slow, and does lack serious AA capability, and I have found myself missing Battlecannons and Demolisher Cannons which have always been stalwart in my lists previousy.


Company Command Squad inc. Company Standard, Autocannon @75pts


Pysker Battle Squad inc. Overseer, 5 Pyskers @70pts

Guardsman Marbo @65pts


Platoon Command Squad inc. Autocannon@40pts
Infantry Squad inc. Lascannon, Plasma Gun @85pts
Infantry Squad inc. Lascannon, Plasma Gun @85pts
Infantry Squad inc. Lascannon, Plasma Gun @85pts
Infantry Squad inc. Grenade Launcher @55pts
Infantry Squad inc. Grenade Launcher @55pts
Heavy Weapons Squad inc. 3 Lascannon @105pts
Heavy Weapons Squad inc. 3 Heavy Bolters @75pts
Heavy Weapons Squad inc. 3 Heavy Bolters @75pts

Veteran Squad inc. 2 Meltaguns, Plasma Gun, @105pts
Chimera inc. Multilaser, Heavy Flamer @55pts


Vendetta inc. 3 Twin-linked Lascannon@130pts


Leman Russ Eradicator inc. Hull and Sponson Heavy Bolters @180pts

Manticore @160pts


Sunday, 18 November 2012

Imperial Navy Vendetta - Now with 100% more working picture!

Well back from Throne of Skulls, I'll hopefully get some reports about that up soon, but I'm busy decorating again now though for my sins so it'll be a bit before I get back into the swing of things. For the meantime though, the finished Vendetta (and it did'nt suffer from new model syndrome either)!

Friday, 9 November 2012

Nottingham here I come again...

Wow, just finished painting the Vendetta, how's about that then! No time for pictures as I'm setting off shortly for Throne of Skulls this weekend, the reason for the haste in getting it finished. My army is'nt the most competitive I dont suppose, but its got a little bit of everything - but only one Leman Russ, and thats an Eradicator. I've basicly always taken either, or both a vanilla Russ or a Demolisher in every 1500pt list I've put together ging back quite a few years, but the Eradicator has really grown on me as of late, and the Conqueror turret is a spot on counts as for it. Not got much in the way of AA though, and no Fortifications, heres hoping I dont come up against one of those thrice damned Necron Airforces. Anyway, enough rambling, I'll see about a few pics and battle reports when I get back (though I've promissed to finish decorating the spare room when I do...damn).

Friday, 26 October 2012

Curious Constructs - The Hoplite Tankette

How do you fancy the idea of adding one (or maybe more!) of these to your collection?

This very characterful conversion was built by the very talented AJ, aka Parak, a few years back. I'm thrilled to be able to say I'm now working with him to bring you a complete Hoplite kit as the first of several vehicles and variants from Curious Constructs. You can see AJ's early progress on his blog, and keep track of this and his other hobby projects too, go take a look!

AJ's Gaming World

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Curious Constructs - 28mm Bike Preview

Okay, it's another Curious Constructs post this time, though work on the Vendetta continues (and is actually going quite well with most of the edge highlighting done, yay!).

I've cut back on my own sculpting projects for the store at the moment as I'm busy getting on with other things, however, happily other projects which I've comissioned are starting to take shape! The first of these is a 28mm non-super human sized bike. I've previewed this on the Curious Constructs Facebook page, as well as on a number of forums, and now I'm going too here as well! I'd love to hear your feedback on this work in progress piece.

Yes the handlebars are missing, and yes there will also be a seperate rider kit.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

On the Workbench - Vendetta

I'm taking a little break from my own sculpting projects for the webstore at the moment, because I've neglected my own hobby far too much of late, and as always there are deadlines! Anyway, top of my project list is to get my Vendetta done, so here at last is some progress on it, alongside my Valkyrie hull. The inside is already painted, having been done at the same time as the Valk - its not just a case of getting the external paint job and cockbit finsihed up.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

New Picklehaube & Pith Helmeted Heads For Sale

Yet more new releases from Curious Constructs, this time with Picklehaube and Pith Helmeted Head sets added to the store, each containing ten heads.
There's also a restock of some other items which were out of stock, including the Life Guard Head Set and Hussar Torsos.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

New Releases from Curious Constucts - Life Guard Heads and more!

At last the Life Guard heads have arrived in store, and I'm almost out of stock after only a few hours! I'm really pleased how these have come out, a whole lot better then my early attempts at heads, even if I do say so myself! The sprues have five different heads in them, with two sprues in each pack. More heads are on the way as well!

This group of releases also see's a multi-part Tank Commander, its composed of three parts, Head, Pointing Arm and torso.

Finally is a seperate release of the Gun Carriage and Wheels from the Gatling Gun kit, I had'nt intended to sell them like this initially (though I do plan to make the wheels available seperately), however a few miscast Gatling Gun guns have left me with these surplus - so it seems sensible to make them available minus the guns as was requested by a couple of people.

More soon, but for now, go take a look at the store!

Friday, 17 August 2012

New Releases from Curious Constructs

It's been a long time coming but I've finally restocked the store, and more then that I've got a new batch of releases! My personal favourite amongst these is the new multi-part Gatling Gun kit, this is hevily based on the conversion I use in my own Praetorian army as counts as Heavy Bolters. Unfortunately they've been very difficult to replicate since GW pulled its bits service, but no longer!
Other new releases include packs of Heavy Laser Rifles, intended for the Life Guard Heavy Infantry.
A new set of Hussar style torsos.
And two different sets of seperate Cavalry legs, one the dress type previously available with my conversion sets, the other, the Militia set, a modified version without the vertical stripe on the outside legs.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The Year of the Poor Bloody Infantry (Part 3)

Well are'nt I running behind? The prospect of finishing off 137 Guardsmen in whats left of the year as well as everything else I'm trying to get done does'nt seem promissing - got to try though!

To that end, here's another five Guardsmen finished leaving 132 Guardsmen to go, I've brought out the rest of the Platoon these guys are from now, best get painting!

Friday, 3 August 2012

Charity Army Build - The 57th Mordian (Part 2)

Back in March I first posted about my intention to do a Charity Army Build, with all proceeds to go to Hospicare Devon following the death of my grandfather. Then things went a bit quiet as all manner of things left me with very little acually hobby time. Well the summer is now here, and my hobby dought is over with the first half squad finished (at last!).

The second half the squad is now on the bench, alongside some of my more regular Praetorian chaps as I'll be trying to alternate between projects. Im looking towards getting the core of the army done first with a largish Infantry Platoon.


Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Bovington Tankfest 2012 Part 2 - Tiger I, M3 Stuart & M4 Sherman

Here are a few more videos from my little outing to Bovington's Tankfest 2012, once again sorry about the quality of the camera work, much room for improvement (and a tripod...).

Monday, 30 July 2012

New Website - Bartertown UK

This is definately one for UK readers, an old friend of the blog has just opened up Bartertown UK.

I'm sure alot of you will be familiar with Bartertown, a web forum where hobbyiests can sell and trade their spare models and bits. The downside with the forum from the perspective of someone from the UK is much of the trade and framework takes place stateside, so involving higher shipping costs and that slight element of risk on trading overseas. Bartertown UK has been set up to provide another option in agreement with the owners of Bartertown itself, encourgaing users to post on both forums where appropriate.

It's early days for Bartertown UK, but dont let that put you off, its free, so what have you got to lose when compaired to the outragous expense of selling on ebay? I'm gonna get some posts up there myself shortly infact!

Go take a look!

Saturday, 28 July 2012

So here's a simple question...

What non-GW paints do you use?

I'll be brutually honest why I'm interested, I've got a number of potential distributors lined up at Curious Constructs now, and I'm looking into stocking hobby supplies. Now of course there are the obvious choices to be made there, but initially I'm probably looking into stocking just one paint range alongside other stuff and want to make sure that is the one you use.

What do you get out it aside from my thanks?

Well a source for cheaper paint and hobby supplies hopefully!

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

REVIEW - Terrain by Lucky Punk Miniatures

This post has been a long time coming, and even then its not complete, that I'll explain later!

A little while back I was sent a sample of some of the 28mm terrain produced by Lucky Punk Miniatures to have a look at, and I have to say, I love it. The range is currently reasonably small, and largely, and happily, composed largely of Rourkes Drift type defensive pieces, as well as a few other oddities which might appeal - there is more on the way, and from what I gather Lucky Punk is very open to suggestions if you've got a good idea! I'm also going to add at this stage that Chris also offers a painting service on the terrain (which might be good for you, if like me your not so focused on terrain)!

The sample I was sent included the following, all of these pictures are straight out of the box.

Sandbag Emplacement
Stone Krall Walling
Sandbag & Crate Barricades
Crate Barricades
Sandbag / Mealie Bag Barricade

As you can see, all the terrain is cast in resin, as such you do get a few bubbles as you'd probably expect though I'd say that in terms of quality the pieces are as good as you'd have got from many of the old Forgeworld terrain pieces. I've not found anything which you could not either ignore completely, or which could not easily be dealt with entirely with a little sanding and/or filling. Indeed as the majority are so minor I did'nt feel the need while preparing mine to do any additional work to them.

The modelling which has gone into the terrain is excellent, there is plenty of detail, including surface textures on the sandbags / mealie bags. I'd also add that to me the look is realistic, bags and boxes have been intelligently placed within the walls giving a robust and authentic looking structure, they fold and droop in all the right places too, so the bags look full and weighty.

The next point I'm gonna address is alternatives, there is'nt as far as I'm aware a great deal of similar ready made terrain out there, urban barricades are of course relatively common, but for armies like Praetorian Imperial Guard, or for Steampunk or Colonial gaming do look a little out of place! The one alternative I am familiar with is the Rourkes Drift terrain produced by Warlord which I raved about at its point of release. Now while I dont own any of that terrain, or specifically the bits which are comparable to Lucky Punk Miniatures, having examined it quite closely at a recent convention I have to say I dont think theres anything in terms of visual appeal which really seperates them. What does seperate them is the cost. Lucky Punk terrain comes in at about a third less per barricade then the nearest Warlord Games alternative. That does'nt leave much of a contest in my book.

So then, why is this review not quite complete? Well I hit a slight snag with painting!

As I mentioned I am not honestly inclined towards painting terrain, so I look for a short cut. For these pieces I settled on a light undercoat, then basecoating them with Dheneb Stone for the Sandbags, Khemri Brown for the Crates, Adeptus Grey for the stone work. I then elected to try a product I've not used before, Army Painter Strong Tone Quick Shade - followed by a coat of Matt Varnish. As you can see this simple technique produces a quick and effective result on the terrain, this I think speaks well of the detail!

However... as you may well be aware its been a bit wet here lately and disasterously I got caught out by a shower. My other sample barricades and the emplacement have had their Strong Tone finishes ruined so I'm now stripping them before starting again... arggh! I'll update the review with the other pieces as soon as I've had a chance to sort them out, however for the meantime thats no excuse not to go and take a look at the rest of Lucky Punk Miniatures range at!

Monday, 2 July 2012

Bovington Tankfest 2012 Part 1 - Mark IV & Churchill

My lovely wife sent me and two friends to Bovington Tank Museums Tankfest 2012 over the past weekend, as a belated birthday present. The weather was excellent as it turned out, indeed I've gone a little lobster like, but I shot a fair bit of film. I'm not the most gifted camera man, and lacked a tripod (damn), but thought I'd share what I did film. I think I'll try an go again next year and maybe borrow a better video camera and tripod from work!

6th Edition? Who needs 6th Edition when you've got tanks?

First up, the replica WW1 Mark IV Tank, built for the film Warhorse and now held by the museum, and one of my personal favourites, the Churchill.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Curious Constructs - Heavy Cavalry Conversion Kit

I know, I'm sorry its another Curious Constructs post! But I'm celebrating a little as a well known bits site put in their first trade order today, expect to see more soon!

Anyway, that aside, again by customer request, I've repackaged the Roughrider Kit with the Life Guard Torso, result, Heavy Cavalry Conversion Kit!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Curious Constructs - Lancer Torso Now Available Seperately

Its exciting - well for me anyway!

I'm packaging up the first few orders from the new webstore already! However, more importantly for this post, by request I'm making the Lancer Torso's which are in the revised Cavalry Conversion Kit available seperately in packs of ten - they are on the store now!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Web Store Opens - Introducing Curious Constructs

Well then, here it goes! This is where I stop selling through my blog with my little experiment into the world of eCommerce. I'd like to introduce the web store for Curious Constructs, the name under which I'm 'branding' my miniatures sculpts now and into the future.

I've recieved my stock of revised Cavalry Conversion Kits, Life Guard Carapace Armoured Torso's and Infantry Torso's. It's a small start, but it will do, I had hoped to launch the Heavy Laser Rifle at the same time, but unfortunately there was a serious problem with the casting. The result of that is I've got to build up a new master, so they will be a few more weeks - hopefully around the same time that the Gatling Gun is ready.

I'm going to be previewing the new master, and other stuff as and when its ready through Curious Constructs Facebook page which you can find HERE. I'm also planning on using this page for getting feedback, bouncing ideas around, and putting on occasional offers, so it may just be worth signing up if your a Facebook user.

Anyway, the webstore is now live, go take a look!

Friday, 8 June 2012

Gravis vs. Drax - The Big Fight (or games to that effect)

Admiral Drax, aka Chris, started in the blogosphere not long after I set up shop myself, we've been in touch quite a bit, especially since we're a little under an hours drive apart in the soggy south-west of England, and are both avid Guard collectors and players. We've bumped into each other numerous times as well, at events like PAW, but we've never quite managed to get some games in, despite always intending too!

We're both employed in schools in the region, so have had the past week off, or nearly off work, so when Chris dropped an email across inviting me for a bash at his local indy store, the excellent Giant's Lair in Plymouth, despite the typical early summer weather, I jumped at the chance!

With 5th edition soon to be bid fairwell, and just because we could, we decided to play a couple of more unusual missions, the first of which was one of Drax's own creations entitled Advance to Contact. I'm not going to try and explain it too much, but essentially its infantry only, with a patrol (the attacker), coming upon a patrol base (the defender). The armies are both split equally with a random half being deployed by the defender anywhere on the board, and the attackers random half in the corner furthest from the defender. The attackers remaining forces all come on from his quarter on turn 2, while the defenders all arrive together in location decided by a dice roll, but otherwise using the normal reserves rules. The game is played for victory points to decide the winner.

I became the defender for our first game, which we played at 1000pts, my on the board half ended up being a small platoon with a Lord Commissar, a veteran squad and two heavy weapons squads, one with heavy bolters, one with mortars. Drax meanwhile had an Infantry Platoon with a special weapons squad, an autocannon heavy weapons squad and his Command HQ.

I formed up a blob led by the Lord Commissar and moved forwards, but found my Mortars and Heavy Bolter Squad out of range (a reoccuring problem for my Heavy Weapons!), Chris' early shooting did very little in the way of damage though. Without fire support (still out of range!), and with no guarantee of reserves things did'nt look too good for the blob - especially as I knew his would all arrive on his next turn. But wait, one lucky dice roll later...

My reserves all arrived behind him, my second Platoon with a special weapons squad, heavy weapons squad with heavy bolters and Command HQ, when his Command HQ got flamed, things did'nt look good, but despite lots of rapid firing there was'nt actually too much damage.

Despite the unexpected turn of events with my whole army on his doorstep Chris went calmly to work, bringing his reserves on to one side, effectively reorietating his battleline. Another Infanty Platoon arrived, with another Special Weapon Squad and his favourite if I'm any judge, the Penal Legion! He quickly did a shed load of damage, and it became very obvious, quite quickly that he was winning the numbers game, my expensive Veterans Squad and Lord Commissar eating up alot of points, which he'd instead spent on greater numbers (oh and one or two Flamers!).

Over the following turns the numbers played out, and though I did'nt go without a fight, and did dispatch all his officers, and most of those pesky Flamers (I had a vendetta against them!), by the end Chris still had a substancial firebase of four or five squads at near full strengh, while I was left with a couple of Heavy Weapons Squads, and a handful of Guardsmen. Oh how I hate flamer templates!

We called it there, with first blood to Chris and moved onto our second larger game.

This time we went for a 2000pts game from the Battle Missions book, I forget the name of the mission now, I believe something like Grand Assault though. The Guard player, or in this case one of them, which turned out to be me, is the attacker. There is a single objective in the center of the board, another in the center of the attackers deployment zone, and one other placed by the attacking player in the defenders deployment zone, after deployment. Being a fun game, rather then a serious one, we'd already agreed that my Malcador defender would be taking to the field, though it would take up 2 Heavy Support choices. I also put to the table a couple of big Platoons with Heavy and Special Weapons Squads, a Command HQ and Lord Commissar, Veterans in a Chimera, a Valkyrie, Marbo, a Russ and a couple of units of Roughriders.

Chris deployed first with a sturdy looking line of tanks including a pair of Russ, a Hydra, a pair of Griffons, a Veteran Squad in a Chimera, another Marbo, the Penal Legion, a Platoon of Guardsmen with Heavy and Special Weapon Squads, a Command HQ, a Devildog, and a pair of Hellhounds. Did I mention how much I hate flamer templates?

It's probably unsurprising then that almost all my anti-tank weaponry was directed at those chaps, and I did a fantastic job of immobilising just about everything I shot at. Could I destroy anything? No. Knock a weapon off? No. But at least they wer'nt going anywhere!

The Malcador pushed up the left flank, supported by a couple of units, and proved pretty much impervious, despite its lower then Russ armour, however as Chris had pointed out himself he did'nt have huge amount of Anti-Tank (no Lascannons!). Meanwhile on the right, where I had placed my third objective, things also went well, a Special Weapons Squad with meltas jumped out of the Valkyrie before the Hydra knocked it out of the sky (they spent the rest of the game trying to destroy the Griffons), the two infantry units around the objective succumbed meanwhile to weight of fire and I pushed forward, while the center milled around and was generally the subject of lots of Mortars.

This is not pleasant, especially when they are Drax's Mortars which are unnervingly accurate! I swear if he had another couple of squads I'd probably not have had any infantry left by the end of the game (possibly a slight exageration, but you get the idea)!

The two Marbo's arrived in the same turn, mine backed up the Malcador, and guess what, immobilised his last Hellhound which the Roughriders then finished off, the other Marbo on the other side of the table decided he did'nt like Roughriders and blew the other unit largely away, the two survivors left managing to kill him in return in assault. My Veterans were targetted by his, losing their transport, but moving up into cover and securing an objective, while following an amazingly bad string of roles the Penal Legion who had furious charge etc were beaten and then run down by a regular Guard squad denying him the center objective.

With this the game was largely over, as we were running out of time, but there was still the matter of lots of guns pointing at the Malcador, a Melta Vet Squad, a Storm Trooper Squad, and whatever else could hurt it left in his army - granted not that much by this point.

By rights the Malcador should have been toasted, or at least a little singed. It was not to be however, as everything either missed or failed to penetrate, in the final turn I dont think anything was actually done to it at all which was really really unlucky on Chris' part!

With that we bid our farewells until the next time, with two fantastic games - Chris is a model opponent - and what felt like a very fair outcome with each of us winning a game. So again thank you for what was an excellent evenigns gaming, here's to the next time!

I'm sure he'll be putting up a battle report shortly too, lots more pictures were taken on his camera, I'll link across to the other side of the stort as soon as I can!

Mission 1 on Admiral Drax's Blog
Game 1 on Admiral Drax's Blog, including many more pictures!

Friday, 1 June 2012

The Gravis Pattern Gatling Gun - Work in Progress

Previously I showed off a CAD preview of the wheels which I commissioned for the 'Gravis Pattern' Gatling Gun Kit I'm putting together as part of my second wave of releases. And yes I do know the first wave is'nt even on sale yet, though the website is up and running, more about that soon.

Today I thought I'd show how the gun assembly itself is coming together, this is still very work in progress, but more soon!

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Praetorians on Warhammer World facebook page AGAIN!

The Warhammer World team ca'nt keep their camera lenses off Praetorian's these days, with Col.Winterbourne's 4th Praetorian Mechanised taking center stage again! Nice one Phil, I'm sure there will be reports to come on his blog, go take a look now, you know you want too!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

You can work this one out...

Yet another quick update, because I'm terrible at resisting posting something like this, a preview of something I've commissioned as part of a release for the new store, it arrived in my inbox today from Kit at Zinge Industries.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

New Roughrider Torso Sculpt

Just another quick update post, my new webstore venture, will also be stocking a revised version of the Roughrider Conversion Kit, that means a new Torso in the style of 19th century British Lancers, with an improved neck which is much more friendly to the heads produced by other manufacturers.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

New Sculpts Incomming

It's been a long time coming, but I'm finally about to send off some more bits to the casters which will form part of my Life Guard Heavy Infantry conversion kit, unlike with the Roughriders, these bits will all be available seperately through a webstore. The webstore will also stock the Roughrider kit with a revised Torso, a new Infantry torso, and lots more goodies which I've got planned - some very close behind, some a little more distant.

Anyway, just a quick look at a couple of the new bits.

Finished Carapace Torso

Finished High Energy Laser Gun

And finally, a mockup of the style for the Life Guard Heavy Infantry Helmet, these will follow in the next wave as a sprue of heads.