Monday, 19 November 2012

Throne of Skulls November 2012 Imperial Guard List

This is the list I took up to Nottingham for the Throne of Skulls in November. I've found it fun to play with, though it can be challenging to use against some opponents, while others just whither in the face of so much firepower. It benefits from upto 10 scoring troop units, which has proven tricky to deal with for opponents, but it is still a little slow, and does lack serious AA capability, and I have found myself missing Battlecannons and Demolisher Cannons which have always been stalwart in my lists previousy.


Company Command Squad inc. Company Standard, Autocannon @75pts


Pysker Battle Squad inc. Overseer, 5 Pyskers @70pts

Guardsman Marbo @65pts


Platoon Command Squad inc. Autocannon@40pts
Infantry Squad inc. Lascannon, Plasma Gun @85pts
Infantry Squad inc. Lascannon, Plasma Gun @85pts
Infantry Squad inc. Lascannon, Plasma Gun @85pts
Infantry Squad inc. Grenade Launcher @55pts
Infantry Squad inc. Grenade Launcher @55pts
Heavy Weapons Squad inc. 3 Lascannon @105pts
Heavy Weapons Squad inc. 3 Heavy Bolters @75pts
Heavy Weapons Squad inc. 3 Heavy Bolters @75pts

Veteran Squad inc. 2 Meltaguns, Plasma Gun, @105pts
Chimera inc. Multilaser, Heavy Flamer @55pts


Vendetta inc. 3 Twin-linked Lascannon@130pts


Leman Russ Eradicator inc. Hull and Sponson Heavy Bolters @180pts

Manticore @160pts



Mordian7th said...

Very cool! I'm working up a heavy-on-the-infantry list for Adepticon that has a fair bit in common with your list.

How did the Manticore treat you? I've been going back and forth between including it or a Medusa...

Malkavschilde said...

Looking good but I do believe Marbo costs 5pts less. melta bomb for someone eh?

Col.Gravis said...

The Manticore has'nt been so kind as of late, I was scattering all over the place - which is a shame as several recent opponents have had a tendancy to cluster their vehicles, probably forgetting that the entire template is S10 in 6th! I think I still favour it over the Medusa though for the fear factor and potential to inflict utter carnage on hordes, and vehicles if only I could hit!

Marbo is indeed 65 rather then 70, thats a typo on my part when typing it up on the blog (or rather what happens when you copy paste the elite entry and forget to change on of the details!).

Anonymous said...

I've been loving 2 basilisks latley. being able to center your templates over characters etc is very useful! and 2 str 9 templates isn't bad either (I also use a manticore)