Saturday, 14 March 2015

Armoured Support Ready

First objective achieved, 5 vehicles painted to a 'useable' standard - yes I know the Chimera dont have their hull mounts on here, forgot the blue-tack(!).

They saw action on Wednesday for the first time in the Horus Heresy pitted against Word Bearers Space Marines and their demonic allies, it was a tough match up in an ongoing campaign with the Word Bearers trying to set off a munitions stockpile on Terra. I was outnumbered by about 1/3rd in points terms - before even more demons started appearing, but could'nt quite hold the line long enough, aided in part by the (in)accuracy of one of my own Wyverns it has to be said(!).

The next game in the campaign see's the Loyalists holding the outer Walls of the Palace against a World Eaters lead assault. That means I need my Scions ready, and some suitable heavy support choices - suffice to say I'll be cherry picking some of the latest Curious Constructs & Zinge Industries Kickstarter pieces to stand in as Rapiers and Sabre Platforms amongst others.. but first...

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Back in the painting seat!

That right, I'm actually painting some Guard!

I'm starting on my concerted effort to get a bit of paint on everything, the theory being its better to have an army with 3 or 4 colours, and so useable, rather then moutains of bare metal, resin and plastic. Certainly this falls outside my normal efforts of consistency, which I'm admittedly quite anal over normally - see Col.Winterbournes recent excellent editorial on this particular subject (

However, the reality is that with other time commitments, life, hobby, business - oh your going to like the heads I'm working on at the moment as part of a new Praetorian Ogryn commission - I am never going to get on top of the mountain of Guardsmen. To the point I'm sort of considering selling off anything I cant at least get to a useable state by the end of the year.

Better get my skates on then.

First up in the painting pile, tanks.

I've a veritable armoured company either assembled, or still in its box, so here is the first installment, three Chimera and a pair of Wyvern/Hydra's - these are at the top because I'd actually quite like to use them in a game this week(!). Having assembled all, they've had a primer coat of Army Painter Uniform Grey - fairly close to Codex Grey/Dawnstone which is my usual tank scheme. I'm picking out the metal bits at the moment, which will all get a wash, plus will pick out other select details like screen and lenses in a single base colour. Then done, and on to the next units - I'll need another can of spray, but I think it may have to be my Leman Russ, with only two finished, I've a further 8 or 9 which are partly assembled, or still in box - though they'll need a bit more work to add sponsons etc, and those darn old style tracks!

Still best not run before I can walk, need to get on with these chaps!

P.S 700,000 hits on my humble little blog. Blimey.