Sunday, 8 March 2015

Back in the painting seat!

That right, I'm actually painting some Guard!

I'm starting on my concerted effort to get a bit of paint on everything, the theory being its better to have an army with 3 or 4 colours, and so useable, rather then moutains of bare metal, resin and plastic. Certainly this falls outside my normal efforts of consistency, which I'm admittedly quite anal over normally - see Col.Winterbournes recent excellent editorial on this particular subject (

However, the reality is that with other time commitments, life, hobby, business - oh your going to like the heads I'm working on at the moment as part of a new Praetorian Ogryn commission - I am never going to get on top of the mountain of Guardsmen. To the point I'm sort of considering selling off anything I cant at least get to a useable state by the end of the year.

Better get my skates on then.

First up in the painting pile, tanks.

I've a veritable armoured company either assembled, or still in its box, so here is the first installment, three Chimera and a pair of Wyvern/Hydra's - these are at the top because I'd actually quite like to use them in a game this week(!). Having assembled all, they've had a primer coat of Army Painter Uniform Grey - fairly close to Codex Grey/Dawnstone which is my usual tank scheme. I'm picking out the metal bits at the moment, which will all get a wash, plus will pick out other select details like screen and lenses in a single base colour. Then done, and on to the next units - I'll need another can of spray, but I think it may have to be my Leman Russ, with only two finished, I've a further 8 or 9 which are partly assembled, or still in box - though they'll need a bit more work to add sponsons etc, and those darn old style tracks!

Still best not run before I can walk, need to get on with these chaps!

P.S 700,000 hits on my humble little blog. Blimey.


Zzzzzz said...

E-mailing you about the LRMBT

Joe B. said...

Yes more tanks!

Admiral Drax said...

Welcome back!

[And congrats on the 700,000!)