Sunday, 23 June 2013

Lucky Punk Miniatures - Sandbag Defence Line

Long time no post!

Chris from Lucky Punk Miniatures has just re-released some of his resin terrain kits, starting with improved versions of his popular Sandbag/Mealie Bag Barricades and Sandbag & Crate Barricade sets. However, he has also released the brand new 28mm Resin Sandbag Defence Line set, and was good enough to send me a painted one for review - I'm rather chuffed!

The new set includes 8 sections of Sandbag & Crate Barricades, four of these are 5" (13cm) long, and four of them are 2" (5cm) long. Rather conveniently this is the same dimensions as the as sections in Games Workshops Aegis Defence Line Set. Very handy!

The detailing on the new set is lovely, and much improved over the old sets which were already of a high standard. The detailing is excellent, and would lend well to simple or complex paint jobs, and even better the bags actually lie right. They look like filled sandbags and piled in a way that makes sense as opposed to the 'blobs' of some similar sets. The casting quality is also excellent, and again improved on earlier pieces, I hav'nt found a single air bubble on my set - and for that matter I hav'nt spotted any on an any of the unpainted sets I've picked up as stock for Curious Constructs yet either. Chris also went the extra distance and has provided a small sheet of decals with the kit, some of which you can see on the above painted examples.

Suffice to say, given how important fortifications can be in the new edition of 40k my new set is going to be seeing rather alot of use, and will be replacing my GW equivalent whenever I can possibly use it! That started last week when I slipped in a quick(!) 2000pt game against a friends new Eldar force - try shifting that lot with a 2+ cover save when they go to ground!

The set is priced at £14.99 and is available both directly from Lucky Punk Miniatures HERE, and as always from the Curious Constructs webstore HERE, alongside the rest of the Lucky Punk Miniatures line.