Sunday, 7 October 2012

New Picklehaube & Pith Helmeted Heads For Sale

Yet more new releases from Curious Constructs, this time with Picklehaube and Pith Helmeted Head sets added to the store, each containing ten heads.
There's also a restock of some other items which were out of stock, including the Life Guard Head Set and Hussar Torsos.


Dai said...

These look great! You should put out some sets of arms for Rough Riders.

Col. Young said...

They look brilliant.

One thing I was concerned about when using another companies Pith Heads was too many beards. Now I can get a brilliant mix all the way through. Quality looks very impressive. Look forward to my order!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic work, those heads look good.
Do you also have in mind to do some arms with enfield style lasrifles.

Col.Gravis said...

Cheers chaps!

There will be arms eventually, both for Cavalry and Infanty - though I've not got any plans for any further lasgun guns at present I'm afraid.