Wednesday, 29 August 2012

New Releases from Curious Constucts - Life Guard Heads and more!

At last the Life Guard heads have arrived in store, and I'm almost out of stock after only a few hours! I'm really pleased how these have come out, a whole lot better then my early attempts at heads, even if I do say so myself! The sprues have five different heads in them, with two sprues in each pack. More heads are on the way as well!

This group of releases also see's a multi-part Tank Commander, its composed of three parts, Head, Pointing Arm and torso.

Finally is a seperate release of the Gun Carriage and Wheels from the Gatling Gun kit, I had'nt intended to sell them like this initially (though I do plan to make the wheels available seperately), however a few miscast Gatling Gun guns have left me with these surplus - so it seems sensible to make them available minus the guns as was requested by a couple of people.

More soon, but for now, go take a look at the store!


Colonel Winterborne said...

Looking good mate! The lifeguard heads have loads of character and will look pretty epic combined with the heavy cavalry!

Col. Young said...

Bought 3 of the gun mounts to stick some Autocannons on them... cannot wait lol. And couldnt resist buying a few of the lifeguard helmets for my rough riders!

Really loving your stuff mate, even started my own blog/army because of you and a certain other seller of Kilt legs/heads.

Colonel Scipio said...

Really nice! These look great - and I'm just finishing off my Iron Heart honour guardsmen now which used plenty of CC bits, I can testify that these look great in the flesh as well.

Col.Gravis said...

Colonel Winterbourne, I do hope so, I'm really looking forward to painting some, though I think you might get to it first! ;)

Col.Young, a quick snip to remove the thin part of the rear support and you'll find they fit quite nicely, such an amazing coincidence ;)

Oh and feel free to name drop Victoria Miniatures! Her range is excellent, I'll be featuring more of it when I get back to blogging my own hbby endevours soon I hope!

Colonel Scipio, thanks very much! :)

Koppenflak said...

Wheels! You released wheels! Do you have any idea how hard it is to find 30mm gun carriage wheels? (of course you do. That's why you've made them...) I was almost at the point of considering forge world... Bloody good stuff!

Chris*ta said...

Is the Regimental Symbol on the tank commander's chest a WWI Malcador tank?

Cool :)

Col.Gravis said...

Koppenflak, hell yeah! ;) I will get them released seperately eventually, just a matter of when I can afford a mould for em.

And yes, that is a somewhat Malcador like tank ;)