Friday, 17 August 2012

New Releases from Curious Constructs

It's been a long time coming but I've finally restocked the store, and more then that I've got a new batch of releases! My personal favourite amongst these is the new multi-part Gatling Gun kit, this is hevily based on the conversion I use in my own Praetorian army as counts as Heavy Bolters. Unfortunately they've been very difficult to replicate since GW pulled its bits service, but no longer!
Other new releases include packs of Heavy Laser Rifles, intended for the Life Guard Heavy Infantry.
A new set of Hussar style torsos.
And two different sets of seperate Cavalry legs, one the dress type previously available with my conversion sets, the other, the Militia set, a modified version without the vertical stripe on the outside legs.


Anonymous said...

Any chance we might see how the Heavy Laser Rifle looks beside a couple of standard GW minis? Just for comparison?

Anonymous said...

Looking pretty cool! Any chance you'll offer only the carriage plus wheels? I'd love to upgrade my existing lascannons, autocannons et al

Colonel Winterborne said...

Looking great mate, well done on the carriage and weapon it looks brilliant!

I'm a big fan of the torso varieties, keep them coming! One with medals and command braids should be added I reckon!

Dai said...

Hussar torso is a great addition!

mk6marine said...

Any chance we can just get the wheels. I have the pieces parts for conversions, the only thing i dont have is wheels.

Admiral Drax said...

This is so cool it's almost unbelievable.


Anonymous said...

These models/conversion parts are fantastic. I can't wait to start making my highlanders using kilt legs from another supplier combined with your torso's. It's gonna be a long project but I'm genuinely excited.

Loving the Gatling gun! I would love it of you could provide just the wheels and mount for auto cannon and lascannon conversions.

Keep up the excellent work.

Anonymous said...

wow, those hvy lasrifles look awesome.

Col.Gravis said...

Cheers chaps!

Here's a quick comparison shot of the Heavy Laser Rifle with a GW Lasgun for comparison of scale.

I am hoping to release the wheels seperatley in the future - but first there will be an Anti-Tank Laser ;)

I'm afraid I've no plans to do the carrige component seperately though.

Command Torso with Medals, sounds good to me!

Anon, I think Victoria Lambs kilted legs would work great with what I've turned out, I hav'nt tried it yet, but I have a load to do so!

Cahntyam said...

Great stuff the new Torsos are perfect and I will certainly put in another order for some more Gatling guns

Col.Gravis said...

I'm glad you approve!