Friday, 3 August 2012

Charity Army Build - The 57th Mordian (Part 2)

Back in March I first posted about my intention to do a Charity Army Build, with all proceeds to go to Hospicare Devon following the death of my grandfather. Then things went a bit quiet as all manner of things left me with very little acually hobby time. Well the summer is now here, and my hobby dought is over with the first half squad finished (at last!).

The second half the squad is now on the bench, alongside some of my more regular Praetorian chaps as I'll be trying to alternate between projects. Im looking towards getting the core of the army done first with a largish Infantry Platoon.



Colonel_Scipio said...

They are really, really nicely painted models - especially as they're Mordians ;) Looking forward to seeing this develop and completion - a very worthy cause as well.

Wolfy said...

As has come to be expected, looking stunning mate! Any ideas for the basing theme yet? Might just be interested in bidding on this/picking it up when it goes up for sale!