Monday, 2 July 2012

Bovington Tankfest 2012 Part 1 - Mark IV & Churchill

My lovely wife sent me and two friends to Bovington Tank Museums Tankfest 2012 over the past weekend, as a belated birthday present. The weather was excellent as it turned out, indeed I've gone a little lobster like, but I shot a fair bit of film. I'm not the most gifted camera man, and lacked a tripod (damn), but thought I'd share what I did film. I think I'll try an go again next year and maybe borrow a better video camera and tripod from work!

6th Edition? Who needs 6th Edition when you've got tanks?

First up, the replica WW1 Mark IV Tank, built for the film Warhorse and now held by the museum, and one of my personal favourites, the Churchill.


Phill said...

Wow, great work :) How was it in general? I went to Bovington last year and was wishing it had been tankfest. Such a nice museum.

Lee Hadley said...

Fantastic stuff. I'm just a little jealous!! It's no secret that I love this museum and have been there many times. I went earlier in the year to see the Tiger run for the first time and was hoping to get to Tankfest as well.

Alas it was not to be. Money and Work killed that idea (too little of one and too much of the other!).

Wolfy said...

Thats Churchill is Beaut

J Womack, Esq. said...

I. Hate. You.

That would be the jealousy talking.