Monday, 30 July 2012

New Website - Bartertown UK

This is definately one for UK readers, an old friend of the blog has just opened up Bartertown UK.

I'm sure alot of you will be familiar with Bartertown, a web forum where hobbyiests can sell and trade their spare models and bits. The downside with the forum from the perspective of someone from the UK is much of the trade and framework takes place stateside, so involving higher shipping costs and that slight element of risk on trading overseas. Bartertown UK has been set up to provide another option in agreement with the owners of Bartertown itself, encourgaing users to post on both forums where appropriate.

It's early days for Bartertown UK, but dont let that put you off, its free, so what have you got to lose when compaired to the outragous expense of selling on ebay? I'm gonna get some posts up there myself shortly infact!

Go take a look!

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