Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Hobby Fund (1st September)

Well it's been a bit of a busy month for the hobby fund, lots comming in and lots going out! Some free listing days on ebay saw me listing a few extra pieces which all sold and started the fund rolling this past month, but the real nice bit came from the sale of the Pith Helmetted heads to Secret Weapon this month.

A portion of the income from the Pith Heads went straight into a Realm of Battle board from Games Workshop, though purchased through Dark Sphere an excellent online retailer (though they also have a store in london) giving a decent sized discount, I also picked up some Royal Navy figures from my local gaming store (it's two doors down from my house, can't get much more local then that), more on these at a later date.

So where has all the money gone? Well I've decided to do a history degree with the Open University, partly as it's something that interest's me and partly with an eye on future career prospects, it's expensive of course, as are other things happening at the moment so I've ended up deciding to fund half of the degree from the hobby fund - which actually means theres a bit more to go out of it yet, but needs must - it's not like I'm running out of things to paint!

I am downsizing my GW collection further, my Sisters of Battle are going, as are my Warriors of Chaos for Fantasy - I may even offer up some of my bits box, I'm looking at getting into Secrets of the Third Reich however, looking to be getting in my first demo games later this month.

  • Starting Balance 1st August = £53.07

  • Sales in August = £340.57

  • Sales Fee's in August = -£17.12

  • Purchases in August = -£130.50

  • Misc Income/Outgoings = -£215.00

  • Balance 1st September = £31.02


Wolfy said...

Glad to see another person getting into SotR!

I am good friends with Andy/Wendy over at West Wind, and play often - i sometimes even get to help run demo games at shows (The big bearded chap that goes is my best friends dad so i sometimes tag along!)

Liking the new website layout BTW, and good luck with the degree!

misterjustin said...

So did the sculpts for Secret Weapon become part of the hobby fund?