Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Gatling Gun Batteries

1st Gatling Gun Battery

2nd Gatling Gun Battery


Gabriel said...

I found these via google when I was searching around for gatling-gun inspiration for my... guesss what? Praetorians. :D Damn, I thought I was so original.

Amazing work. Exactly what did you make them of? I can make out the old Imperial Heavy Bolter, and the Land Raider Crusader assault cannon, and the plastic 7 spoked wheels, right? But what about the rest? (I'd love to know what bits you used of your Autocannons and Lascannons too, by the way)

Col.Gravis said...

Hehe well your still one of a minority, I know of only one other who actually included them in a finished army, if it's of any help have a look on a Dystartes forums for a guy called Tom, he also uses Gatlings, though unfortunately he had the same problem as you may have.

The component I used for the Gatling itself is the old metal Sentinel Assault Cannon, if your from the UK or buy from here the component is no longer available - only GW US stok the item anymore, have a look in the classics range you've got the rest of the components right.

The Autocannons are identical to the Gatlings Guns, bar using the old Autocannon model and it's gun shield. The Lascannons are a little more complex, they use WFB Dogs of War Galloper Gun carriages (I've been told these are no longer available as bits, though hav'nt checked this), a plastic Lascannon from the new set, with a gun shield made from a section of track guard from the vehicle accessory sprue.

Hope this helps! Do let me know how you get on, always great to see another Praetorian army taking shape!

Gabriel said...

I didn't even know there had been a sentinel assault cannon. Great, then I'll know of a sure-fire way to get awsome looking heavy gatling bolters.

And if I get a hold of a camera, I might even make a blog like this myself, it seems like a pretty efficient way to show the progress of your army. I'll let you know. :)

godhanger said...

that is one of the best looking armies i have ever seen (and praetorians, no less). keep up the good work

Col.Gravis said...

Thanks doghanger :)

nmasyk said...

Hey there,
Absolutely GORGEOUS Praetorians, I saw these showcased on your 40k forums post and am no less impressed now as when I first saw 'em.

I had a question though... I've been trying to hunt down those sentinel assault cannons for my Death Korps (I'd like to use them for my Vickers-style heavy bolters) but I can't find them on any of the online stores. Are they still available, or have they been pulled, do you know?
If you have the SKU and they're still available by order I'd love to snag it off you, if not I guess I'll have to consult the allmighty eBay, haha.
Again, fantastic army. Good luck with the new tank.

Col.Gravis said...

Thanks nmasyk :)

I'm afraid they have now been completely pulled from sale following the reorganisation of the GW Bits Service, though I know that the US at least still have an intact mold, there are a few alternatives available from various Space Marine Vehicle kits as I'm sure your aware though I've not tried any myself, those from the Baal Predator, LR Crusader and Landspeeder sprues are the ones which come to mind, might be worth a go?

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I have a few of the old sentinel assault cannons for my all-RTB01 marine battle company: Because of land speeders. The old 1st edition speeders are pretty small so the current assault cannons looked way too big, so I picked up 5 of these, and only used 2.

Throw me a quick email, and I'll check my bitz box for you.

Matt Varnish

Col.Gravis said...

Many Thanks Matt Varnish, I've dropped you an email!