Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Starting somewhere in the middle...

Well then, where to start!

I've been working on this project for quite a while now with numerous project logs on the different forums I'm a regular on, the project logs themselves have always been handy, with comments from other posters always helpful and encouraging. I've always found this as real help as while I love the final result, and converting, I've never been one for painting much, I'm slow and its a real chore - this helps though. The thing is I've found myself spending so much time updating and replying to different logs on different forums it takes rather a while sometimes so instead I've decided to start this blog, I'll post all the day to day updates here and just make the odd post in modelling forums for the special stuff, the jobs I'm really pleased with and want to show off.

To aid the blog to the right hand side I've added a fairly sizable list of some of the main things the project entails - not everything though - there are side projects like a Kill Team and other major elements I'd like to do like a Platoon of Highland Infantry (kilts!), but for the moment whats there is priority as far as major projects go.

I'll update the blog with currently finished projects, and then what I'm working on at the moment over the next couple of days and from there, well who knows, but feel free to watch and comment!



Pat said...

Hey Rob, You've inspired me. I'm starting a Praetorian army. So, a couple questions. What colors did you use for your Praetorian standard troops? And how did you build your Lascannons? Great work!

Col.Gravis said...


Glad to have inspired! Basic troopers are (Base Colour => Main Colour => Extreme Highlight) Red Gore => Blood Red => Burning Orange for the tunics, the trousers are Midnight Blue => Regal Blue => Ultramarine Blue, browns are generally Beastial Brown => Snakebite Leather => Graveyard Earth, hope this is of some use!

The Lascannons I think I've covered elsewhere, however they are the WFB Gallopper Gun Carriage with plastic 'Artillery' wheels, plastic lascannon from the current guard heavy weapons sprue and a gunshield made from a tank guard section from the IG Vehicle Accessory sprue.

David Austin Smith said...

Heyo! LOVE your blog and it has inspired my meager attempts at painting my own PRAETORIAN IMPERIAL GUARD ARMY and blogging about efforts. Are you still posting links to other Praetorian Blogs? If so, I'm Commander Gonehead Bromville over at http://thepraetoriantwentyfourth.blogspot.com/ and would love to be represented on your Army Roll Call! I love your sculpts and own some of my own. Thank you for your blog and your miniatures! David