Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Update - The Tortoise is Gaining Ground!

Well as I write this I'm close to having finished the 2nd Platoon of D Company, and it's been a rather intense experience shall we say! At the very best of times I'm in the incredably slow painting catagory but since the last week of March I've cracked on at what for me is an astounding rate. Of the 35 Guardsmen which make up the Platoon 25 are finished (bar varnish and a bit of static flock), 5 will be finished today with the remaining 5 I reckon to be ready by Sunday (will post pictures then).

So to what do I owe this feat? Well I'd put it down to signing myself up for the 40k Online Painting Vows. Each month a new thread is created and you vow to finish x amount of painting, there are no prizes if you finish, no forfeit if you fail, it's just a bit of fun to help encourage you to get that job you really want to/should get done, done. This month I vowed to finish 30 Guardsmen for April and I'm well on track to do that (the Command Squad was already finished by the beginning of the month), other examples of entries this month included a Blood Bowl Team, a Warmachine force, a quite large force of Tau (almost 500pts I'd guess) right down to just a Space Marine Combat Squad. It does'nt matter how much or how little you enter, its a great incentive to get some painting done and great fun to boot. Highly recommended!

I'm already trying to decide what I'll get done for next month, and indeed what I'll move onto working on once the last of this Platoon is done, almost certainly next up will be the second Heavy Bolter Squad, closely followed by the second Lascannon Squad (which I'm really not looking forward too), the end result of Lascannon conversions I really like but found quite brain numbing to do, still gota get em done. However as something for me to look forward too I've picked up a Landraider kit on which to base my first Leman Russ Demolisher conversion - still got to order some more components and get some Plasti-card before I tackle that one though, will think and talk more about it later once the Heavy Weapons Squads are done.

Right! Back to work!

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