Sunday, 22 April 2007

That would of pithed me off.... (Sorry!)

Talk about a close shave, having just finished 2nd Platoon I came to varnishing - and of course the predictable happend, the first batch went furry! Disaster! Still I gave em a quick clean with warm soapy water, touched up the paint and got away with it - remember folks always do a test model first!

Anyway, that near miss aside the platoon's done a week ahead of my 40k Online Painting vow and I'm a happy bunny, I've just started assembly of the second battery of Gatling Guns which Im gonna crack on with next. Now I was going to order some additional Sentinel Assault Cannons which I use for the guns themselves - only to discover the component is no longer available from the UK. Bugger. Thats put on hold doing a tutorial for this weapon for the moment (though Ive enough in already started weapons to do this squad) and is gonna be a problem for my tanks, still after a quick look around I see GW US, Canada and France still list the component, might have to call n a favour or too to get what I need! Watch this space.

I've also re-started work on 'the Duelist' from my kill team, the pistol is the problem at the moment and seems to be going well, I'll do a seperate post about it at a later date but so you've more of an idea what I'm talking about below is the concept sketch that was drawn for me by the Green Witch from 40k Online.


Anonymous said...

Hey. Its parak here. Just had a look at the blog. Nice work. I have a few of the old sentinel assualt cannons (3 at least) That you could have. I'll hoke them out. PM me on 40k online if your interested.

Anonymous said...

Hey is it ok if you tell me how to model the praetorian duelist?

Col.Gravis said...

TY Parak for that offer, will have to sort that out sometime as I can certainly put em to good use :)

How the duelist was made will come in a forthcomming blog post, soon as it's painted I'll get that sorted ;)