Wednesday, 2 May 2007

I demand satisfaction sir!

Well my Kill Team Duelist is now done!

Based on the concept sketch drawn by 'The Green Witch' on 40k online in my previous entry, the figure is quite a heavy conversion based on the Praetorian Missile Launcher Loader figure. I'll do a full on post about him and the conversion once the model is completely finished - which will be soon. Another month has starting and so its time for another painting vow over on 40k online, this month it's gonna be 3 Gatlings Guns (almost finished as I write this, just need to finish painting one gun and put all the components together - painted unassembled), crew for the Gatlings Guns and for my next Anti-Tank Squad and that Duelist. Why so little this month? Probably moving! So it'll be slow on the painting front, especially if I dont crack on, so back to the painting table now!

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