Sunday, 13 May 2007


Well thats the Gatling Gun Battery finished as well as the crew for the next Lascannon Battery leaving my 40k Online Vow almost finished for this month already! I've only got the Duelist who is slowly taking shape and a Thunderbolt fighter for AI left to do (I'll do a post about the Duelist proper once the paintings done, conversion and all).

So where does that leave me for the rest of the month? Well firstly I'm going to start cracking on with the Lascannon Battery Guns themselves, aiming to get the base coating done by the end of the month (I repeat I hate(!) doing these with a passion they really dont deserve, hence it's gonna take some time). Secondly is gonna be something a bit more fun - the 'Warrior'. I'm starting this for the 40k Online Conversion Contest, the basic idea is a big arse tank, with a little bit of steampunk chucked in unlike the standard Leman Russ this will be operated by the Praetorian Artillery Corps as opposed to the Armoured Cavalry as its more of a Infantry Support tank then an MBT, the conversion is to be based on a Landraider Chasis and rules wise will be to be represented by a Demolisher (when needed) or as is intended as the main representation of the tank the forthcomming Malacdor from Forgeworld, 'nuff said!

I got round to ordering some Sentinel Assault Cannons from GW US yesterday as well, I emailed GW UK and was told the part was available, but on calling discovered thats not the case ... oh well.


Gen. Sam van Dane said...

Well thanks for that nice comment, your webblog is indeed really inspiring. If you want to comment on my webblog in the future please do in english, i speak it pretty fluent since i live in the United States myself. Great Praetorians and keep up the great work, especially that pistolier looks a-m-a-z-i-n-g, i wish i could convert like that. Ohh and please write the first comment you gave me in english again, that translation was quite bad.

thx Gen. Dam van Dane

Col.Gravis said...

Thankyou for the kind words :)

I have reposted the comment to the best of my memmory, did'nt realise just how bad the google translator was! lol

Gen. Sam van Dane said...

If you need a translation of anything on my blog give me a heads up.