Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Wheely good fun ... save me!

Oh yes, wheels, how can three colours provide so many problems? Well I'm roughly halfway through the wheels now, ahead of schedule I'm happy to say, should be able to get a second pair finished today at this rate (which will make me very happy!) hopefully allowing me to crack on with the barrels come the weekend with a bit of luck.

My sculpting list has grown meanwhile, the Phoenix's Club's Praetorian Project is slowly starting to gain support and to help out with keeping the costs down from the hire of a professional sculptor I'm giving a go of sculpting some heads and torso's for them. For the moment heads on hold while I await the arrival of some of Hasslefree Minatures male heads to work off of, in the meantime I'm experimenting with torso sculpts - I'll use the chance to do some for my Roughriders as well, I'll pop up some pictures sometime in the next week!

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