Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Tutorial - Praetorian Plasma Gunner

Just a quick and very simple tutorial this time, there are several methods of creating convincing Praetorian Plasma Guns, at it's most complex you can remove a models lasgun and replace it with a plastic or metal Plasma Gun, at its simplist you can as I do use a plasma pistol (I use Imperial as it's the one I have available, a Chaos version works too however).

This conversion can potentially be done with a Lasgun, however I prefer to work from a Meltagun, though it makes for a larger weapon I feel it's appropriate for such a piece of kit.

I firstly snip the barrel, then making a horizontal cut along the seem of the weapon to the point where the ridge on the upper surface begins before making the vertical cut.

Next I prepare the pistol, firstly snipping the hand away cutting at an angle from the base of the grip upwards on both sides with a pair of snippers, then removing the resulting prism - alternatively a sharp scapel can be used to slice the hand away neatly including the trigger but leaving the small flask and it's mounting. The small detail on the right rear of the pistol is then removed before snipping or slicing the rear portion of the pistol off neatly where the sloping surface reaches the top.

You should now find the two components will slot together fairly neatly and can be glued in placed, if however the surfaces are not level ensure they are, center the weapon as best you can (there is a slight overhang as the Plasma Pistol is a fraction larger) making sure when glued it dries upright and not at an angle.

Finally you'll probably need a little putty to fill gaps, smoothing them over and then probably trimming a little once dry, the picture below gives an idea as to where the putty will likely be needed though I must emphasise this has not yet been trimmed and tidied. Once that is done, your ready to undercoat and paint, job done!


AceR1mmer said...

very nice mate! now lets see it painted :D

SSG. Allc o c k said...

I left a post with you awhile back and asked if I could copy your Praetorians, and with you go ahead I did. if youd like to check them out I have them posted here:

let me know if this works...

thanks again.

Col.Gravis said...

@AceR1mmer, thanks :) they will get painted in time, the main reason for having done this now however is getting all my infantry undercoated so as to be used at Orks Drift soon, so it may be a while before I get round to it specificly, there are other examples of the Plasma Guns painted elsewhere in finished units however

@SSG. Allc o c k, damn nice job!

SSG. Allc o c k said...

thanks, it means much to get your approval. As for the Maldacor, that tank just rocks. its my plan while in Iraq to by two more. one just like it and one with a battle cannon. I pity the fool who wants to go up against my armour.

AceR1mmer said...

Anytime mate! :)

ever thought of having a team of snipers (not ratlings) or scouts? but normal praes painted in green in the style of Sharpe's 95th rifles, not quiet the same timeline as Zulu but would look very nice.
anyways looking forward to seeing more :)

Col.Gravis said...

Agreed, the Malcador is an excellent tank all things - especially looks(!) - considered!

I've tbought about non-Ratling Snipers yeah, truth be told it's probably not something I'm going to tackle, at least not as things stand though, though that said the Rifle Regiment still existed in the Victorian time period as a successor to the 95th, and they still wore the rifle green uniform of the napleonic era - its not impossible I'll change my mind lol

AceR1mmer said...

Did'nt know that mate thx for the info! :)
Yeah maybe think more about it when you've finished everything else.
you could use the guns off the space marine scouts.

Anyways, more updates needed mate lol :D

Col.Gravis said...

Thats a good idea about the SM Scout Sniper Rifles, I must admit I'd not thought of using them, much nicer then comparable plastic options, and perhaps a more suitable choice then say the Vindicare rifle which is a tad large, nice one!

Updates to follow soon, now Orks Drift is done The Roughriders, Leman Russ, Levaithan and Malcador will all be back on the work bench.

Plus my next project!

Anonymous said...

your army looks sweet you have to make a step by step tutoral to show how to paint them the way you do

Col.Gravis said...

Thanks very much!

I may do in the future, possibly when it comes to painting up another Infantry Platoon.

Lord Whitlow said...

Greetings Colonel! I just wanted to say that I followed your directions last night to an astounding success, and I just wanted to say thanks for posting this guide.