Sunday, 2 December 2007

Orks Drift - Father Witt (Part 1)

With Captain Caine complete comes the second of the two characters I'm creating (for now) for the Orks Drift scenario to be played out at GW Exeter on the 22nd of December.

Father Witt is the mad priest who in Zulu goes around boosting morale with heartu cries of 'Your all going to die!'... hmmm. I was'nt entirely sure how to model him at first, the classic pastor that the fellow actually was at Rourkes Drift, something closer to the portrayal in Zulu? Or perhaps a Imperial nut? Well in the end I'm going Imperial Nut, with a touch of the pastor in him so for example he'll be wearing largely black, it'll make for something not so exciting as Caine, but I'm hoping for a good result.

After a couple of experiments I've settled on using one of the new Empire Flagellants as a base (handy as I wanted some for another project soon to take off), not nearly as much work as Caine. For a weapon nothing is more suitable for a mad priest then an Eviscreator, a two handed chainsword with some serious stopping power, current models have always been a tad small for how I picture such a weapon - so how about a Catachan Sentinels close combat attachment? Oh yes. That'll do!


dijit80 said...

Looking good so far. Any more progress?

Col.Gravis said...

Thanks :)

Yes there is progress, updates on here soon!