Monday, 24 March 2008

Sculpts (Part 6)

Another minor update, after some test fitting the first set of arms works spot on with Cadian Lasguns arms sets, B, F & G pretty much spot on (pictured below), just a little tidying to finish that arm set now, some detailing to the hand and smoothing out the cloth on the inside of the arms. Set D will fit but requires some filling at the wrist, what I think I may do it design a set specificly to fit D in addition to too poses for the first three. Set H and spare Lasguns meanwhile will be implemented with a one handed gun pose. There'll also be the single set of Grenade Launcher/Flamer arms and a set with pistol and chainsword, next up is the high & tight aiming pose for BFG arms.

Set B

Set F

Set G

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