Saturday, 5 April 2008

Of Sisters and Mini-Fridges

A new tool in my arsenal and yet another new project, where will it end?

First of all something of a discovery for me. Getting back into the swing of sculpting (yes again, long story) I've often been fustrated by how long it takes for greenstuff to cure and thus be safe to work on without risking already completed parts. The solution is fairly well known, heating greenstuff decreases the curing time. The normal method seems to be to use a lamp to create something of a heat box or even an oven at low temperatures, I lack those facilities though, and space being rather constricted to boot. I was however given one of those little mini-fridges at christmas and just happend to click the other day there was a 'hot' setting on it, after a quick test the curing time seems to be halved, which with a week off comming up means I should be able to make some significant progress. Huzzah!

As too Sisters, nobody expects the Exeter Inquisition! More to follow on this new project soon but lets say I wont be taking Guard to this years GT Heats for the first time, well, ever actually.


RonSaikowski said...

Believe it or not... I actually force myself to let the greenstuff I use cure at a regular pace. Part of the hobby (for me) is about learning to be patient and this is sort of an artificial way I force myself to slow down. But... I can see how a little, shiny trinket like you've got there would be real handy and cut down on alot of time.

Nice work on your sculpts by the way, I've been a sporadic reader to date and have found some really nice work here.

Javelin said...

Praetorians and Sisters, truely you're a man after my own heart Col. Gravis. :) It even appears that you've chosen the same colour sceme I did (Order of Our Martyred Lady), nice!

Col.Gravis said...

Normally RonSaikowski I'd fall very much in the same camp, when it's a personal project I'm quite happy too take it slow, not least because I tend to burn myself out quite quickly when I do nothing but Project X. I much prefer too just do a little bit of X then something to Y, but at the moment with the Roughriders and Guardsmen I'm very aware that its dragged on, and that theres some demand for them from various people so anything I can do to get em done quicker seems to be best done.

@Javelin, could'nt resist, and it'll make a real change for me I think! I'm definately taking a leaf from Our Martyed Lady, though I'm going more grey then black *probably*, a custom Lessor Order Militant.

Anonymous said...

To the Exeter Inquisition!

Hammer said...

You are a genius sir! An inspiration to us all... looking at your earlier posts, I've successfully made my own moulds using lego & a VERY fast setting clay (Silligum) which is horrendously expensive but when a thin layer is used to collect the detail from the master you can then use a much cheaper clay (Das Pronto) to form the rest of the mould structure. That being the case, can you please tell me what material you use for the actual figure? Is is a resin or something else?

Col.Gravis said...

Thanks hammer, glad to have been of some use! I just used basic two-part resin, which came with the starter set I picked up from micromart.