Saturday, 19 April 2008

Leman Russ Executioner Conversion (Part 1)

Well here's a bit of a random, I've spent much of the day sculpting, with some pleasing results for the heads, just one thing needs finishing, the eyes. Perhaps somewhat ironically the eyes are also the problem thats stopped me in my tracks, not the models though, rather mine. I had a minor operation to remove a cyst on my lower left eyelid yesterday and now it just keeps watering, making it impossible for me to do the really fidley bit so I'll get back on that as soon as I can.

This evening unable to continue there I decided to do a little work on a project I've wanted to do for a while, a Leman Russ Executioner Turret. Given all my normal Russ use Conqueror Turrets I've a number of spare standard Russ Turrets, with plenty in mind to do with them.

A while ago I happend upon this in a bag of bits I was given, it's the Plasma Annilator from an old Imperial Imperator Titan from Epic 40,000 (Emperor alone knows where the rest of it is!), I think it goes without saying it bears an obvious resemblance to a Leman Russ Executioners Plasma Destroyer.

Having stripped it I cut it down to the section of the weapon I wanted.

And quickly built up one of the spare turrets with the aid of a few bits an pieces from the bits box and a little plasti-card.

Married up I'm fairly pleased with the result, just need to dig out some guitar wire now to add some piping on top of the turret and to replace the tubing under the barrel.


RonSaikowski said...

For an Epic piece, it seems to fit the bill nicely. Just goes to show, it doesn't have to be a super-complex fancy conversion to be effective.

Pat said...

A bit phallic. Or is my mind in the gutter?

Ian said...

No offense either, I think the idea is great, but at first glance I found it really phallic as well. Like, distractingly so.

Col.Gravis said...

Interesting lol I had'nt even noticed it! I dont think I'm gonna change it in that respect, that would be a significant amount of work for a minor distraction really, that said the work thats still to be done and painting will hopefully detract from it somewhat.

LeeMXT said...

finally managed to get onto this blogger lark...

that executioner looks pretty damn smart man, lovely piece! and of course it looks bloody phallic, its a dock-off plasma cannon!

you wanna get that up on WIP, hows the praetorians coming on?

bad do to hear about your op, i was in the hossie the other week, decided to cut my leg wide open with a stanley knife by accident, stripping wire for scrap of all things!

nice to get on here - heres to plenty more posts!


Ben said...

Alright mate, Nice idea, its proves the addage of never throw anything away. I'm off huntin an old titan now!

Col.Gravis said...

Hiya lee, good to see you here! Aye I'll probably WiP it once it's finished, which should be soon, need to do a little bit of gap filling and add a vision slit and the turrets just about done.

Completely agreed ben, NEVER chuck anything away lol, that said I'd not advocate cutting up a titan just to replicate this one lol, thats upto 40 quids worth of titan if you happen to find one on ebay!