Sunday, 11 May 2008

Sisters of Battle (Part 2)

Right, time to start catching up!

Earlier in the month I did a concept model for the Sisters scheme, the aim was something simple to do (to aid getting it done quickly) but something fairly striking as well based on the earlier picture done with the Bolter & Chainswords Sister of Battle Painter. The result was this.

I'm now working on finishing the first squad, I'd hoped to turn out one unit or vehicle a week... hmm yeah that was never gonna work! So far I've not finished the first squad even, though hopefully in the next week I will do (hmmm). I still need to finish converting the Seprahim Sister Superior and Canoness conversion as well, I'll probably have a crack at them later on, though I must admit I'm enjoying a break from sculpting instead turning my hand to having a bit of a clearout and making the most of the sunshine (something which definately wont last!).

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